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“Thank you so much for this course! I was able to setup my own blog and made my first $20 blogging!” – Jessica K.



We’re Nica and Ben, the bloggers behind BC Creatives.

We started blogging 5 years ago as a creative outlet, we quickly developed a passion for figuring out how to make it work and we’ve use this as a platform to share blogging tips, mistakes and growth strategies.

Now, we help creatives transition from hobby bloggers to entrepreneurs through practical, bite-sized strategies that we personally used to grow our own blogs.

Look, blogging alone is NOT a business! 

You need a clear plan, use the right resources, have strategies in place to hit your goals and make sure you attract the right people to your business.

We learned this the hard way and we don’t want you to make the same mistakes, let us help you do better.

What people say…

“It’s so refreshing to meet someone who is genuinely trying to help you…”

“I received so much help from Nica, not only was she pleasant and helpful. The ebook is so easy to follow and I had no idea how to use WordPress. The step by step guide from her book helped me set up my site. Anything I didn’t understand, she was more than happy to assist and clarify. Aside from that, she has such good energy and is so motivational.”

SOUBIA TAN//  Blogger // we-empire.com

“I love how authentic and real you are about your own journey and admitting that you are not perfect…”

“I have gotten serious about blogging and ever since you’ve already helped me to increase my page views, to make my website more user friendly, and to grow my email list. Thank you for creating a community in which women can go to as a resource to help them out as they continue their journey. And I love how authentic and real you are about your own journey and admitting that you are not perfect and you are still figuring things out like the rest of us.” 

TAYLOR MEAD//  Blogger // taylormead.com

“I just went through and it’s the best I’ve ever gone through!”

“I found you through Twitter and I just want to say thanks for all the info you share! You have a very warm, friendly in your writing that puts readers at ease and helps them trust you quickly.”

BELEMA RONABERE //  Blogger // heronlinebrand.com

“You inspired me to be brave enough to go after my dreams…”

“I discovered your very helpful blog posts through a Facebook blogging group and fell in love since then. You inspired me to be brave enough to go after my dreams and conquer them. Thanks a lot for all this amazing knowledge, you are super awesome!”

JESSICA KROMER //  Blogger // purposefulwriter.com

Blog Like A Pro.Earn Like A Business.

“Your material is very clear, practical and

encouraging! Definitely worth every penny!” – Lisa G.