Why You Need To Stay Hydrated To Stay Healthy

When you were in school, you were introduced to the composition of the human body
system that comprised of 60 percent fluids. Right?

A vital part of the human body, water has a very important role to play across your lifetime.

The necessity of remaining hydrated and drinking water regularly cannot be undermined in any way. A hydrated body is healthy and allows all metabolic systems to work properly.

Given the many benefits of staying hydrated, it certainly makes sense to drink the recommended quantity of water and other fluids, which is 8 ounces of water for an average adult, across the day.

Importance of Remaining Hydrated

Besides maintaining the good health of the brain, heart, and muscles, fluids are responsible
for the transportation of nutrients to body cells. They also flush out bacteria and other
toxins to keep your internal environment clean and healthy.

It’s easy to find yourself getting dehydrated as you perform one activity after another through the day. According to Dr. Jay Davidson, its doubly important to stay hydrated when dealing with a chronic illness, as dehydration worsens the effects of chronic illnesses.

The effects of dehydration are many and can be attributed to diarrhea, excessive sweating,
not drinking the recommended amount of fluids, exercising too hard, or having bouts of
vomiting. When dehydration strikes, you can get severe headaches, feel nauseous, undergo
listlessness and low energy bouts, and experience tired or crampy muscles.

Fortunately, it is easy to overcome all these effects of dehydration by restoring the balance of water in your system. When you are hydrated, you will find these symptoms subsiding on their own.

Benefits of Drinking Fluids Like Water

Drinking the appropriate quantity of water and remaining hydrated across the day brings
several benefits to the fore. These are:

1. Flushing of toxins

The main role performed by your kidneys is to filter the waste materials from the food
materials and fluids consumed by the body.

For effective performance, your kidney would require appropriate water intake. In case you are suffering from dehydration then the rate of waste elimination would decline.

On the other hand, by remaining hydrated, your body can send enough water to the kidneys to restore its proper functioning and effective transportation of nutrients. In simple terms, your health is restored when you choose to drink fluids in the quantity recommended by your health care specialist.

2. Prevention of diseases

Yet another important role of water lies in the management of cartilage health and
reduction of inflammation of all kinds. This effectively means that by consuming enough
water you can keep joint diseases, such as rheumatoid arthritis, at bay. Once hydrated, your
systems are also safe against kidney stones, urinary tract infections, and constipation.

3. Weight Loss Benefits

According to experts, dieters choosing to have adequate water as a part of their weight loss
routine showed more positive effects than others. This can be attributed to the fact that in
most cases thirst can hit you in the guise of hunger.

So, when you feel sudden hunger pangs, reach out for your water bottle instead of a snack or treat. If you’re not hungry, you will find yourself satiated with water itself. This, in turn, will save you from having empty calories that would add on to your weight unnecessarily.

4. Better and glowing skin

As per most celebrities, the secret to their youthful and glowing skin lies in their rich water
intake. Just like all the other cells in your body, your skin cells are also composed of fluids,
mainly water. In case you fail to keep your cells hydrated, they’ll start appearing flaky, dry,
and listless. The fine wrinkles and lines will become more evident and you will start looking
older than your age.

5. Enhanced energy levels

Vigorous perspiration and exercising make it important to restore the lost fluids at the earliest. To meet this cause, you may want to increase your water intake after swimming, running, yoga, or gym sessions.

It has been proved that remaining hydrated while performing exercises increases endurance and reduces fatigue. When combined with an adequate amount of hydration, you can find your energy levels shooting up during workout. Therefore, keep your bottle handy to keep yourself hydrated and increase your energy levels appreciably.

Stay Hydrated to Remain Healthy

As a routine, strive to remain free from the bad effects of dehydration at all times. You can
improve upon your health conditions, moods, and body functions by drinking the right
amount of water – and as recommended by your health care expert or nutritionist.

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