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Top Restaurant Picks For 2015

Hi, friends! Today let me share with you my Top 5 restaurant picks  in 2015. In case you’re planning for a date night, hangout with friends or family dinner – this might help 🙂

For me and my boyfriend, were trying our best to eat healthy as much as possible when we dine, we also make sure we keep it on a budget, we also consider the place (since we don’t see each other too often, catching up over is dinner is important), plus worth our money. Of course!


  1. Kenny Rogers Roasters


Honestly, we’re addicted to these restaurant. Since last year every time we’re hungry (which is always haha)  we always go to Kenny’s.

To the point that we even completed a 12 meal challenge (this is where you dine 12 times then get 1 order free) for a month. Sigh. how hunger can do wonders, right? 😀

We have tried every single food in the menu (Yes! I’m not kidding) but we always crave for the roast chicken ~ that is just so amazing! Don’t tell me I didn’t warn you.

2. Papa John’s

papa johns

When we crave for pizza, we always try to find the nearest Papa John’s restaurant. What makes their pizza special is they serve it with garlic – butter dip, it is so flavorful you will be hungry at first glance. I also love their crab pasta. Affordable and yummy! Winner!

3. Bistro Ravioli


This restaurant is a silent giant, no fancy advertising but the food? HEAVEN! I have never tried a carbonara as GOOD as theirs. The pizza is also a must try and the diablo chicken. We are always having a great time whenever we dine here. Worth every cent!

4. Max’s Restaurant


Whenever I think of Max’s, I always have a smile on my face. It’s our go to restaurant for family, casual Saturday lunch and halo halo cravings’ satisfaction.

I must say that they did a great job on the simplicity of the flavors and affordability of the price. Imagine you can feed two hungry stomach for Php 500 pesos? Yes! The Kare-Kare is my latest obsession. 😀

5. Mary Grace Cafe’


We discovered this restaurant in BGC Highstreet. We are actually planning to try the new massage salon but we ended up eating! Haha!

Well, I think because the goal is to relax. 😀 I don’t have much expectation so I ordered their combo meal (see above) but hey, goodness the pasta is a champion! I look around and the place is so beautiful, imagine eating at your kitchen? With candle lights,flower and letters  at the table **date night feels.**

That is a brilliant idea. This place is our latest addiction. Tried their salads, cakes, fruit shakes and it’s all wonderful.


Aggrr… this post makes me so hungry! I hope you enjoy reading.

Do you have your *fav* places to eat? I would love to know! 🙂




  1. cherry_blossom

    Wow thanks for that gela 🙂 We should definitely check that out! 300 pesos or less for family? Hm… so excited to try 🙂

  2. gela_dqt

    We also love Kenny Rogers! But if you enjoy traditional Pinoy food, I would recommend J-Jay’s Restaurant. They have the best Sinigang na Sugpo, not just sour but its so full of prawn flavor. The taste just brings back memories. And not pricey at all. One order (less than 300) would be enough for a family of 4.

    Other must-try are garlic chicken, crispy hito , and of course…chicken inasal. 🙂

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