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blogging ebooks, guides, cheatsheets and templates

A collection of smart cheatsheets, templates and guides to help you launch a blog, grow an audience and earn an income

…without losing your sanity

…crying bucketloads of tears​

…or pulling your hair out

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Grab it for only $19.99 (before $47)

Does any of this sound familiar?

You decided to start a blog and online business.

You find yourself trying out every possible tool and trick, reading up on posts and signing up for webinars.

You start to think ten steps ahead (Facebook ads? Podcast? I need a designer and a logo etc.). You start to waste countless hours on things that aren’t yet relevant rather than the stuff that matters most.

That’s because you don’t know quite know what matters!

You’ve become a victim of analysis paralysis. You’ve gotten so stuck in the reading and researching stage of your blog that you just can’t seem to move away from that to planning and doing.

All that initial excitement has been overtaken by overwhelm with EVERYTHING you need to do and learn.

Your blog is forever in ‘launch’ mode. You never make any progress. And you’re this close to throwing in the towel.

And you feel frustrated because of…

  • So many things to do as a blogger
  • Creating content is such a chore! Ugh!
  • I don’t have time to search group boards!
  • I don’t know how to get traffic!
  • SEO hurts my brain everytime!

​You can work like a slave to start and grow your blog but all those hours don’t matter if you don’t have a plan for success or clear roadmap to follow.

Step by step with all the resources minus the burnout?

If you’re nodding YES to any of these, then I have your back!

blogging ebooks, guides, cheatsheets and templatesI created the Blog Bundle to give you…

  • 12 Month Blog Growth Guide — the exact steps that you need to take month after month with tools, tutorials and tracker so you stay on your game every single day
  • 780+ Pinterest Group Boards — a massive list of Pinterest boards in all niches to attract your tribe!
  • 99+ Facebook Groups — a massive collection of FB groups, engage and book clients!
  • 130 Ways To Get Traffic + Related Sources — choose how to promote your blog posts to get organic traffic
  • 49 Irresistible Headline Formulas to Sky Rocket Shares — make your headlines so good your readers can’t ignore the value you want to give them 
  • Blog Post Checklist – – save tons of time trying to come up with a blog post with this smart before and after checklist
  • SEO Checklist — use this checklist to make sure your blog is found on the web when people search through Pinterest and Google

What’s Inside The Blog Bundle?
blog success bundle includes

Grab it for only $19.99 (before $47)

There are some cannot-be-missed bonuses below!

  • Promotion Strategy
  • Social Media Status Templates
  • Traffic tasks for visibility
  • Your first 90 days task list to keep you on track with what you need to get done
  • 3 Opt-in Freebie Templates 
  • 50+ Affiliate Programs in 7 niches to get your idea tank filled with monetization options

blogging ebook, guides, cheatsheet, templates

Who Am I to teach you this and why you should trust me?

I started at ZERO… 

I’m Janica Khemlani, a certified IT Specialist, Scrum Master and Lean Six Sigma Practitioner turned blogging strategist and entrepreneur.

I help bloggers and entrepreneurs create authentic blogs and businesses minus the stress, frustration and overwhelm.

I create content that is proven effective, tested and highly actionable so you get things done without pulling your hair out or throwing in the towel.

My tips on entrepreneurship and blogging have been featured on Huff Post, Addicted 2 Success, Success, Lifehacker and several other sites.

I have first-hand experience with the frustration, overwhelm and desperation that comes with starting, managing and growing a new blog.

I started at zero in February 2014 having never blogged before in my life.

No one knew I existed. I was not part of any mastermind groups nor did I have friends who had been blogging for years.

But within 3 years, I’ve grown my blog, received tons of love notes from my readers and subscribers, and now make a full-time income from my blog.

Here are a handful of the hundreds of love notes I’ve received that are testament to this.

I had limited time and limited money…

Like you, I had limited hours to work on my blog each day. I was working a very demanding tech job while making sure I spend quality time with my fiance’ and my family…

I also didn’t have a thousand of dollars to spend on a solid beginner blogging course. Neither did I want to waste my time on information that was thin.

Like you, I wanted a simplified roadmap of the entire process of starting my blog and business without having to jump through hoops…something that would lead me to my destination with less distraction and more focus.

It took me 3 years of trial and error to figure out everything I know today.

These are the exact steps I took to start making a full-time income from my blog business in a 3 year span, growing a loyal and engaged audience and building my own brand.

I want to show you how you can do the same!

Grab it for only $19.99 (before $47)