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3 Things We Love About SiteGround Web Hosting

Do you use a reliable, fast and secure web hosting? Don't make the same mistakes that I did and switch to SiteGround!Curious why the most successful bloggers recommend SiteGround web hosting? Are you having problems with your current hosting provider?

Or are you looking for a more reliable and secure provider for your blog or business? If so, read on.

Since we started this blog about 3 years ago, we haven’t experienced any sort of downtime and hassle with HostGator. When we have questions, the live chat is accessible and it was great – we are happy customers.

HostGator Frequent Downtime

Until March of this year when we have huge spike in traffic, we immediately noticed a very inconsistent up time. Our blog was down for about 5 minutes and we thought “oh okay, maybe they were doing some server upgrade etc.”

Unfortunately, it happened again and almost twice a month! It was crazy to the point that our blog was down for 28 minutes! This is an non-negotiable downtime! 🙁

I started to look for help and the customer service who answered via live chat only requested me to upgrade my hosting — I was so disappointed and frustrated!

That pushed me to look for other options though in my mind I was thinking that of course, it will result to another expense but whatever, I’m gonna do it!

If you are thinking of BlueHost as an alternative, think again. So many bloggers and online entrepreneurs regret their purchase so I am not gonna join their club.

We switched to SiteGround

Then I found SiteGround, did a thorough research about their service and it seems pretty legit. It was highly recommend by most of the successful bloggers as well plus, there’s a 30 Day trial!


If you are concerned about the price, don’t be. Because their pricing is just the same as of HostGator and BlueHost, not sure about other providers.

I saved 60% off when I moved to Siteground using an affiliate link from a blogger friend so that helped me decide to move earlier than expected.

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If you are now thinking of switching your web hosting provider, I recommend you complete the 30 Day trial and see if you like the performance.

3 Things We Love About SiteGround Web Hosting

Compared to other web hosting provider, SiteGround focuses on 1.) Speed  2.) Security and 3.) Support which are inevitably the most important things to look for especially when you have an online business.

siteground web hosting speed test

If your website is getting a lot more traffic, you can be rest assured that your site will be fine with or without cache since SiteGround web hosting can handle 3 times more than the average web hosts.

siteground web hosting performance test

Security, is one of the most raved featured of SiteGround. If you ask any blogger or online entrepreneur why they switched or why they trust SiteGround web hosting, it’s because they don’t worry about getting hacked (that is the WORST thing that can happen to you!)

siteground web hosting protection against hackers

siteground web hosting security features

And lastly, the support – which means, when you are freaking out and don’t know what to do they help like they will respond to you ridiculously fast.

This is SUPER important especially if you are not aware tech savvy, the people from SiteGround can help you and even do setup your blog, or move your blog for free!

siteground web hosting support

When I finally made a decision to move our website, they are the ones who helped us set it all up in minutes! Plus, the customer service people are very friendly and understanding.

What hosting do you use for your blog?

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