10 Simple Yet Powerful Rules To Live By

Nothing comes easy in life. But when things aren’t going their way and you’re getting exhausted  – it’s time to remind yourself of some rules you probably forget too often.

Realize that you are unique 

There is something in you that nobody has. Take some time to appreciate your gifts and talents.

Get some sleep 

Short nights results in unproductive days and can weaken your immune system.

Cut back on sugar and drink plenty of water 

I know, this is a no brainer, but please do yourself a favor!

Celebrate the accomplishment of others 

Other people are fighting their own battles, okay? so whenever they did something awesome be happy for them!

Carry yourself well

It’s okay if you’re not feeling confident all the time, but it doesn’t need to show.

Be yourself 

Because you can never be happy unless you stop comparing yourself from others.

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Never build yourself up by putting others down 

Because it’s not fair for them and you know it won’t make you feel good along the way, speaking of guilt? Yes!

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Get your ass out of that couch and exercise 

For some people, this is HARD. I know. But if you take baby steps on this you will actually enjoy it. 

Wear a smile 

It makes all the difference!

Take care of your appearance, no one else can 

Because when you look good, you feel good. You have all the energy to do the things that you want.

What would you add to the list?


  1. thehealthybeanph

    I would like to add… You should watch your Health and Diet! Nothing is more important than having a healthy body. Remember… Health is Wealth! 🙂

    1. codemadness

      I have a post coming soon regarding health 🙂

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