Quick FX Pimple Eraser Review

Quick FX Pimple Eraser Review

Quick FX Pimple Eraser is one of my most requested review and now that I’ve already consumed 2 sachets of it I am now ready to share my thoughts with you. I always want to try the products first before I recommend them to you. Let’s jump right into the review.

Quick FX Pimple Eraser

Quick FX Pimple Eraser Review Philippines
Product Packaging

Helps dry up pimples, helps diminish and reduce dark spots due to scarring, helps protect skin against the sun.

Active Ingredients:

  • Glycolic Acid – rejuvenates and evens out skin tone; also clears pores
  • Salicylic Acid – helps prevent and treat acne
  • Zinc Oxide – helps control inflammations and relieves the skin against irritation
  • Vitamin C – helps lighten pigmented skin and decreases wrinkles
  • Niacinamide – helps lighten dark spots
Quick FX Pimple Eraser Ingredients Review Philippines
Ingredients, Manufacturing and Expiration dates


You can buy this at any Watsons branch near you for Php 89.00 with 10g of product.

What I like:

This product works! I am a bit reluctant to try this at first when I was in Watsons because that time I was planning to try out a different cream but thank goodness I found this. I’ve already emptied 2 sachets and bought my 3rd sachet yesterday. Now, let’s move on to the quality and claims.

This product does its job on drying up pimple fast (1-3 days) of course depending on the size of the pimple that you currently have. You only need tiny amount so the 10g will go a long way. In terms of reducing dark spots, yes I noticed that some of my acne scars are lightened but it takes a long time like 3 weeks.

I also really like the packaging, very travel friendly and convenient to use, that’s why it has been my staple since I used it.

What I don’t like:

This product is usually out of stock in some Watsons branch, but for the quality? I don’t have any bad experience.


If you are looking for an affordable acne cream you can give this a try. I know a lot of people that have been raving about this as well and I agree to them! It’s worth the price, one sachet can last 1-2 months depending on how frequent you use it.

Got questions? Let’s chat below 🙂


  1. Maia Patootie

    Hi po, it’ll be my first time to use a product from Quick FX so I kinda want to get assurance if there’ll be possible side effects. So I decided po na bumili nung serum *Quick FX Recovery Concentrate* along with the toner since most of the ingredients are the ones that I had in the previous products that I’ve used. Skin type ko po is combination but main problem ng skin ko is dark spots. 🙂 Thank you ate <3

    1. Nica

      Hello Maia, good morning! I have combination skin as well, I cannot guarantee that there won’t be any side effects since our skin (although the same) but react differently. I suggest to do a skin patch (apply a small amount to your wrist and leave it on for 15 minutes) if you see any irritation that means the product won’t be good for your face as well. Hope this helps <3

  2. Flash

    Pwede po ba maglagay ng sunscreen after using pimple eraser?

  3. jane

    hi can i ask if its okay to put this pimple eraser after my moisturizer?what will i put first after my toner?

  4. Encee

    I ordered one for a friend pero bakit daw parang amoy glue? Is it normal?

    1. Nica

      Hello, I’m not sure if bakit amoy glue, I remember last time ako gumamit hindi naman. Para expired na yan?

  5. Nica

    Hi @Diane, I think wala naman problem if gagamit ka ng soothing gel with pimple eraser. Basta dun mo lang ilalagay sa affected area yung cream para wag ma-irritate skin mo

  6. Nica

    Hi @Danielle, sorry late reply! Bale ang ginagawa ko talaga is every night lang then make sure ah na sa affected area mo lang sya ilagay

  7. Nica

    Hi @kier,

    Sa experience ko at first may sting talaga sya then after few days nawala na (like 3 days kapag dry na yung pimple) please also check if hiyang sayo yung ibang ginagamit mo na products 🙂

  8. kier

    hello normal lang po ba yung pag sting ng product dun sa isang pimple or hindi hiyang ang face ko?

  9. Diane Velasquez

    Hi ma’am paano po mag appy ng soothing gel at pimples eraser.

  10. Danielle opinion

    Ask lng po kung pwedeng every night lng po mag lagay ng pimple eraser after mag wash ng face
    Yung gamit ko po kaseng sabon yung sulfur po pwede po ba yun tapos po mag apply po ako ng pimple eraser?

  11. Nica

    Hi Jaena, sorry I’m not sure how many percent. Di rin kasi na-specify sa packaging.

  12. Jaena

    Ilang percent po kaya ng salicylic acid meron ang quick fx pimple eraser?

  13. Nica

    Hi Daniel,

    I haven’t tried using master as facial wash, so I cannot share any experience. But if you want to try it out, go for it. Give it atleast 2 weeks then see if it doesn’t irritate your skin or make acne worse. 🙂

  14. Daniel

    hello po ok lang ba gumagamit ako ng master na pang hilamos bago mag lagay ng pimple eraser?

  15. Nica

    Hi Christian,

    Please note that this is a personal review and results are not guaranteed because we might have different skin types and lifestyle. For me, effective sya na makadry ng pimples after 3 days of use, pero di sya nakakaalis ng marks. Hope this helps.

  16. ChristianGnav

    Mawawala ba talaga mga pimples mo dito? Kailan at gaano ka effective?

  17. Nica

    Hi Rhosenathalie,

    Ang ginagawa ko is gabi ko sya nilalagay (very thin layer) and magdamag na yun then sa umaga mag-apply ako ulit. Remember na dun lang sa affected area yung dapat mong lagyan. Wag mo i-stress yung sarili mo kung ilang oras dapat nakababad ang cream sa mukha mo, usually, within 2-3 days pansin ko nag-ddry na yung pimples. 🙂

  18. Rhosenathalie

    Hi ate nica , pano puba iapply ang quickx? Pag inapply poba yan sa face ko yun pag umaga puba sya nilagay maghapon poba yun ? Pag gabe naman po magdamag tas tsaka na iwawash pag 24 hrs napuba ? Thankyou sa sagot

  19. Nica

    Hi Kerbs, I usually apply a thin layer on the affected area in the morning and let it sit the whole day or unless I need to wash my face. Hope that helps.

  20. Kerbs

    If it is on your face over night how about in the morning how many hours do you usually let sit on your face???

  21. Nica

    Hi Jooyenn, I usually apply moisturizer to the rest of the face without pimples then I only apply this cream with the affected area so there won’t be any skin irritation.

  22. Jooyennn

    Is okay to use moisturizer before putting quick fx pimple eraser?

  23. Nica

    Hi Andrea, sorry but I haven’t used eskinol or maxi peel with this cream. I suggest to use acne-specific products one at a time because it may cause too much irritation to your skin.

  24. Andrea

    Ask ko lang po if I can use this with eskinol or yung maxi peel facial cleanser? 🙁 Thank you po!

  25. Nica

    Hi Cyelle, please only apply the cream on the affected area (kung ano lang yung may pimple) and if may itchiness normal lang yan for first apply, pero if di parin dry yung pimple after 3 days and itchy parin, baka di sayo hiyang 🙁

  26. Cyelle Tuaña

    Is it natural if itchy ung face pagkatapos lagyan ng quickfx??

  27. Nica

    Hi Cassie, you can apply it directly sa pimple then yung moisturizer to the rest of the face 🙂

  28. Cassie

    need po ba mag moisturizer muna po bago po ito i-apply sa pimple po?

  29. Nica

    Hi Ran, baka di sayo hiyang. 🙁

  30. Ran Vargas

    Bakit po saken nung naglagay ako nyan dumami lalo pimples ko tapos naging oily mukha ko.

  31. Nica

    Hi Allysa, relax lang girl 🙂 Ganito..hmmm, so ang ginagawa ko sa morning…

    1) wash face with gentle cleanser, 2) apply small amount of aloe vera gel, *once it dried up after few minutes* 3) apply thin layer of quick fx, 4) apply sunblock, 5) apply bb cream and then powder

    Then for the evening…
    1) makeup cleanser + wash face , 2) aloe vera gel, 3) quick fx, 4) eye cream *kapag may budget* :p

    I suggest lessen the product that you use para wag masyado ma-irritate skin mo.

    Kain ka marami fruits and veggies and make sure to drink lots of water!! 😉

    Promise talaga magsusulat na ako ng skincare series this month huhuhu.

  32. Nica

    Hi Jm, if regular soap doesn’t break you out, then go for it! Although dermatologists will always recommend a moisturiser, I don’t believe it’s for everyone 😉

  33. Jm

    Hi. Just wanna ask if okay gamitin tong quickfx right after maghilamos sa gabi using regular soap only? Or kailangan talaga mag moisturizer pa muna? Thank you!

  34. Allysa

    hi po.. gusto ko lang po malaman kun okay lang po bah na mag lagay ako ng pimple eraser then sunblock or moisturizer, then make up going to work since sabi po kasi sa instruction every morning at night.
    also tama po bah ang ginawa ko, na after washing my face or cleaning it with make up removal, nag apply ako ng aloe vera soothing gel for 20 mins then wash my face again and apply the pimple eraser? Please i need ur help. 🙁

  35. Kisha

    The best ang quickfx. Kakabili ko lang din kahapon tapos ginamit ko sya after ko mag apricot scrub (for acne control din) bago ako matulog, pagka gising ko nagulat ako nag dry na agad yung pimples ko?! Super effective ng quickfx!! I’m glad I made good choice 😊

  36. Nica

    Hi Mark, if namumula and makati yung pimple that means irritated yan, wag mo gagalawin ha kasi kapag naprick mo yan kakalat yung bacteria. Kuha ka ng malinis na cotton buds tapos lagyan mo ng alcohol onti lang then lagay mo apply mo dun sa pimple para kumalma sya hehe. Balitaan mo ko ha? 🙂

  37. Mark

    Kung namumula po yung pimple ano po ibig sabihin non oily po kasi nose ko

  38. Nica

    Hi Shania, thanks for checking our blog, sa experience ko girl di nakakahelp yung quick fx sa acne scar, you can use gentle whitening soap para maglighten sya. I’ll do a new series soon about all things skincare para may masundan ka na step by step 🙂

  39. Shania Mongcopa

    Hi miss nica, okay lang po ba gamitin yung quick fx to remove pimple scars? Kasi nung nagka pimple ako, I accidentally pricked it kaya nagka scar. Okay lang po ba?

  40. Nica

    Hi Jean, welcome to our blog and happy you find the review helpful! Na-experience ko rin yung mejo kumakati yung area na nilagyan (I think because nag-eeffect na yung product) then kapag nagdry out na yung pimple (usually after 3 days) nawawala na sya. Pero if 1 week mo na ginagamit tapos makati parin, baka di sayo hiyang girl 🙁

  41. Jean Hazel

    Hi thanks po sa review niyo. Nagtry na po ako mga 1 week na po. Ask ko lang po if normal lang yung makati siya? Nakati po kasi yung nga part na nilalagyan ko? Gusto ko lang po malaman if naexperience niyo din po yun while using the product.

  42. Justine Kae Palogan

    Ilang weeks po bago niya matanggal ng tuluyan ang pimple marks? 3 times ko po siya ina’apply sa mukha ko since oily po ako. Kindly answer my question po. Thank you!

  43. Nica

    Hi Gemma! Thanks for checking out our blog, happy to see you here! 🙂 I suggest apply the moisturizer first then wait for 5 minutes (until it’s fully absorbed to your skin) before you put this pimple cream.

  44. Gemma

    Hi! Gumagamit po ako ngayon ng moisturizer sa mukha (lotion) pwede ko po ba sila pagsabayin ni quick fx pimple eraser? If yes, paano po? Thank you in advance and nice product review po 🙂

  45. Nica

    Hi Lindlae, I use this every night lang after washing my face. I hope this works for you as well. 🙂

  46. Lindlae Joyce Daradar

    Paano po gamitin? Every night lang po ba?

  47. Lindlae Joyce Daradar

    How to use this product? Every night ba?

  48. Nica

    Hi Sweety, thank you for reading the blog. With regards to pimple/acne problems, since I’m not a dermatologist I can only give you some suggestions (that worked for me) so please take it as a grain of salt. I suggest taking vitamin C and E regularly, take enough sleep, eat more fruits and veggies and if you have sensitive skin like me, avoid harsh products, use aloe vera and wear minimal makeup. I hope you find this helpful 🙂

  49. sweety

    Hi po!. May I ask what’s the best treatment for pimple scars/marks
    ? I am suffering it right now. TY.

  50. Nica

    Hi Ghinecel, thank you for reading the blog and happy to see you here! I think okay lang naman pero try mo muna for one week para makita mo if magreact ba skin mo ah. 🙂

  51. Ghinecel

    Ngamit po ako ng facial wash, then facial cleanser then ung whitening cream. Pwede po ba akong mag apply ng pimple eraser after that 3products? Okay lang po ba ?

  52. Nica

    Hi Grace, yes sis pwede din sya sa likod. I suggest exfoliate ka muna sa likod mo tapos moisturizer bago mo ilagay yung ganitong cream. 🙂

  53. Grace casin

    Hi Ask ko lang kung pwede rin sya sa likod? kase may pimples din ako sa likod thanks

  54. Jullienne Gaye

    where can I buy this product?

    1. Janica Khemlani

      Watsons meron na sila tube. Pero if it’s your first time, I suggest yung sachet muna.

  55. Pau Aguilar

    Ate pwede bang ipag sabay ang aloe vera at itong pimple eraser tuwing gabi? Kasi gabi lang ako nag lalagay ng aloe vera eh

    1. Janica Khemlani

      Hi girl, lagay mo muna yung aloe vera bago yung pimple eraser

  56. love

    hello. ask ko lang if pwede bang maglagay ng face powder after putting Pimple Eraser.

    1. Janica Khemlani

      Hello love! If gagamitin mo sya during daytime, thin layer lang ilagay mo para di magpatchy-patchy ang skin mo kapag nilagyan mo ng powder.

  57. Clyde Barcelona Cutimar

    Paano po to gamitin?

    1. Janica Khemlani

      Hello, sorry kala ko nakapagrespond na ako sa reply mo di pa pala 🙁 Anyway, after washing your face, lagay ka ng thin layer sa pimples mo then leave it overnight. Within 3 days you’ll be able to see the effect.

  58. Kyungzi Parkeu

    Hi. I’m into Korean skin care routine, I’m using 6 layers (facial foam wash, toner, ampoule, face mask, eye cream, moisturizer) of skin care products every night. I recently bought the Pimple Eraser and is just wondering, when should I apply it? After all the 6 layers or after the toner? Thank you!

    1. Janica Khemlani

      Hi Kyungzi, wow that’s a lot of steps! I’m not a dermatologist to give you prescriptions but I suggest (and what works for me) is when I apply the pimple eraser after the moisturizer. Since you are using a different set of skin routine please observe your face within the next 2 weeks if there is some sort of allergy or something.

  59. Chad Bryan Rivera

    Hi, ask ko lang kasi nagamit po ako ng facial wash at moisturizer then inaapply ko yung quick fx pimple eraser, ok lang po ba yon? Thankyou

    1. Janica Khemlani

      Hi Chad, kung hiyang sayo yung facial wash mo at moisturizer OK lang yan. Pansinin mo if nagddry yung pimples usually after 3 days yan

  60. Cerine Louise Bautista

    Do you apply it like applying sunblock on your face? I’m currently suffering from a lot of pimples.

    1. Janica Khemlani

      Hello Cerine! Just put a little amount of this to the zits and leave it overnight. Try doing this for 3 days and see if it will dry the pimples.

  61. lainekoii

    do you just dot it in your pimples or do you put it all over your face?

    1. Janica Khemlani

      Hello laine! I dot it in my pimples before I go to bed 🙂

  62. AngeliePangilinan

    I always see these in Watson and I always wondered if the products from this line actually works. I am intrigued by their Tinted Moisturiser and Primer. If the Pimple Eraser works, maybe the ones I want to try will work too. 😉 Will pick them up on my next watsons trip! 🙂

    1. Janica Khemlani

      Hi Angelie! I haven’t tried other products for this brand but I hope you let me know once you tried them? 🙂

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