Blogging for Beginners

Ultimate Blog Masterlist

Grow your blog readership with the right Pinterest and Facebook groups plus, explore tons of affiliate networks to increase your income

Boost Your Blog Traffic

Get rid of the old & outdated tricks and learn new and proven strategies to boost your blog traffic (even if you’re brand new) and grow a loyal readership!
Master The Pinterest Code 

Learn the strategies to use Pinterest to skyrocket your blog traffic and increase your income. Packed with actionable steps that you can implement in your own blog.
Master Affiliate Marketing

This Affiliate Marketing Training Bundle was specifically created to help bloggers monetize their online presence (no matter what your blogging niche is) and get started with affiliate marketing.
Email Marketing 

Includes word-for-word scripts, tested and proven email templates & optimised email subject lines to boost more sales and engagement in less time.

Canva Social Media Templates 

These templates will drive traffic to your website and email list — and you won’t need to pay for a graphic designer or spend hours (that you don’t have!) creating share-worthy images for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest.

Self-Care & Time Management

Ultimate Homemaking Bundle

Learn smart strategies and solutions, and saving yourself time and stress trying to figure things out how to manage your home.

Clutter-Free Life

Gives you a plan to rid your  live--and your homes--of clutter, one small step at a time. 
Living Well Planner

Organize your whole life not just your schedule.  Use this planner to take back time, budget your money, plan your meals and crush your goals, 

What Some Of Our Customers Say...

I received so much help from Janica, not only was she pleasant and helpful. The ebook is so easy to follow and I had no idea how to use WordPress. The step by step guide from her book helped me set up my site. Anything I didn't understand, she was more than happy to assist and clarify. Aside from that, she has such good energy and is so motivational. It's so refreshing to encounter someone like her who is genuinely trying to help you.

Soubia Tan


This helped me so much! This is probably one of the top things I need to work on in my life! I re-read this whenever

I have a tough moment and read it every morning to get my day going! Thank you so much!


Justynne Wheeler