8 Powerful Types Of Blog Posts That Converts

Are you struggling to create powerful  blog posts? Or do you have so many blog ideas that you can’t even figure out what will work? Don’t feel sorry for yourself because you’re not alone.

Today, I’ll share with you everything that I learned on what makes a powerful blog post which your readers will fall in love and eventually buy products. So keep on reading and don’t let the meat go astray!

8 Powerful Types Of Blog Posts That Converts


1. List guides

These types of blog posts are so simply put yet so powerful! If well-written, this can convert to money because you’re providing easy to digest but high quality content. Don’t try to squeeze everything, focus on the key elements – tools, books, resources or anything that your audience can benefit from.

2. Checklist posts

These are popular because they can be printed, easily accessible and well-organized. Go ahead and create your “must haves” and recommend your own products.

3. How-to Posts

Tutorials are a great way to showcase your knowledge and authority to your audience. These are usually 500 more words and that it worth your writing effort. Recommend some software or tools to make some cash – don’t forget to give pros and cons that is very essential.

4. Series Post

Want to be a super blogger? Great! You need to start doing these types of post. Not only it can make you money (if this is a webinar or any product you plan to launch etc.) your audience will surely get excited on how the series goes.

5. Case Study/Comparison Posts

As bloggers, we usually end up trying a lot of stuff, tools, software’s etc. Why not give your readers a chance to understand what makes the tool beneficial for them or not useful? Don’t fake it – if you think the tool is really CRAP go ahead and write it down! You don’t want to be blamed for something – right?

6. Expert Post

Ha! There are a bazillion of great human beings on this planet and some of them are bloggers – agree? So what you can do is research this people (make sure it’s related to your niche) and ask them to share your content (don’t forget to ask them about their recent book, project etc.) that you can link up and make some sizzling cash when they got interested.

7. Seasonal/Holiday post

I know it. You know it. No wonder why bloggers in general go crazy on holidays. People have a lot of money to crack so it’s the perfect time for gift guides. Please don’t just throw things to your audience, give a true testimony why the guide will help them.

8. Project Showcase Post

For some they call it “Product Showcase” it really depends on your niche. If you have a highly targeted audience and have products tailored for them you can make a lot money with this (if the product is also in high quality.)

When you launch a new product entice your readers for a SALE or a discount (everybody wants to save some bucks so this tactic is really effective.) If you have a loyal following/fans, you can go ahead and try to give them a sneak peek and I’m sure they’ll be back for more.


I strongly believe that you deserve a paycheck for all your hard work in blogging. But please don’t just start a blog to earn money – you will soon feel overwhelmed and burned out. There is a difference when you blog because you love doing it (and the money comes in when your audience can see that).

Focus on your reader’s needs. Relate to them. Connect with them to know their needs. I’d rather have 100 engaged fans than 100k people visiting my site and leaving after few minutes.

Try your best to always come up with high quality content, if you need inspiration you can check my 200+ ideas that for sure is enough to get your creative juices flowing.


8 Powerful Types Of Blog Post You Should Be Writing Often



  1. Erica Bradley

    I am working on my first “How-to” Post now. I will definitely be trying some post ideas from this list for some up coming post. I cannot wait to share my first “Holiday” post. Thank you for the helpful information!

  2. Janica Khemlani

    Hey Robert! Yes tried one of these and let me know once you published it I’d be happy to read it 🙂

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