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The 10 Things To Always Have In Your MakeUp Bag

With tons of products and brands out there, it is extremely hard to decide where to stash your cash on. I know you already have your trusty makeup bag and let’s check if you have everything that you need!

So, does your makeup bag have this…

#1. Blush

NARS Orgasm Blush


You may want to add some color into your cheeks? It may be rose, apricot, raspberry, or fuchsia and makes a lot of difference. You can go ahead with cream, liquid, or powder anything that suits you best. I am dreaming to get this NARS blush almost everyday I hear and read a lot of raves about it.

#2. Concealer

Maybelline Mineral Concealer


If there is one product I cannot live without, it is concealer. I swear I have tried a lot but I only found my trusty one. When you wake up in the morning and your dark circles, are beaming like nightmare and your blemishes, pimples, and redness scares the hell out of you –  it’s time cover that up! I have my favorite concealer of all time. Review here.

#3. Eye Cream

Origins Refreshing Ginzing Eye Cream

If you’re in 20’s you would probably know why you should use an eye cream. Your eyes are the telltale sign of aging, though it is true we surely cannot stop wrinkles but we can do our best to take care of our eyes. It will help you to reduce puffiness, get smoother fine lines and brighten your under eye area. I just bought my own jar of Origins Gin zing Eye Cream been using it for a while now and it is superb! Review here.


#4. Red Lipstick

mac red.jpg
MAC Red Lipstick

Much like you’re pony tail that you cannot live without, having a go-to red lippy is a must. It give you that instant “confidence” factor, can wear it with almost anything, you can wear it daytime or night time doesn’t matter! Be sure to get the shade that compliments your skin tone best. You can read my post about lipstick shades here. I am eager to try MAC lippies and I swear I will have it this year. (wink)


#5. Mascara

Maybelline Great Lash Mascara

10 seconds is all you need to get from “no lashes to pretty lashes with some oomph!” I am currently loving my Maybelline Great Lash Waterproof mascara, I feel like it’s the best that I’ve tried. Review here.



#6. Makeup Remover

Biore' Cleansing Oil (this is my own shot)
Biore’ Cleansing Oil

You’re sleepy, been a long day huh? So you want to sleep with all the gunk in your face? Are you even kidding me?! Take that off with makeup remover wipes or you  can try my trusty Biore’ cleansing oil. All you need is your fingers and warm water and your done! Review here.

#7. Sunscreen

Mr. Sun with incredible UVB/UVA rays will strip the best out of your face if you will not put on your sunscreen! I am guilty of this since most of the products I used in the past are all sticky if not expensive. I honestly swear by the Banana Boat and Nivea sunscreen – ah! just the best.

#8. Eyebrow Products


I am definitely thankful for my thick brows (and I am super scared to let others touch it!) so I do the trimming and everything by myself. Well, some of you cannot go outside without putting something to your eyebrows (which I can definitely understand) go ahead to anything that suits you. It can be in powder form, pencil gel or pen. 

#9. Base

Different types of foundation. Photo from stylegaps

You name it – from BB Cream, CC Cream, tinted moisturizer, powder/liquid/cream foundation there are gazillion of them nowadays. But for sure you have one that you loved the most. Am I right? Having a base is important since you want to have a flawless looking face to look more radiant, awake and presentable. Go ahead with something that suits your skin tone, doesn’t break you out and that is easy to apply (esp. for busy mornings). I personally use Nichido BB Cream since I only have 5 minutes in the morning I can just blend it through my face and I can face the world. You can also get natural, medium and full coverage depending on what you use. 


#10. Lippies


Maybelline Baby Lip Balm

There are times when we got caught up with a super cold weather or super hot weather there is one sure thing that will happen to your lips “it will get dry”. Be sure to have your favorite lip butter or lip balm handy. I am currently loving the Maybelline Baby lip balm in strawberry.


What’s your favorite item in your beauty bag?

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    1. codemadness

      Thank you seldane! Happy you liked it ☺️

  1. codemadness

    @laura, that is true! my lips are always dry and chapped I have vaseline (as a staple) too! 🙂

  2. codemadness

    @missfloranze, I can definitely relate to you! Its the best mascara I’ve used! 🙂

  3. missfloranze

    I have been using that Mascara for ages and I love it as I throw my Mascara out every 6 months for infection control reasons. It does a good job.

    1. codemadness

      Thank you dear (virtual hug) I am a hoarder too! 😀

  4. Sophie Gillum-Webb

    Yes Yes Yes!! I am nodding in agreement with this post from start to finish on point!! Thank you for spelling it out for us because amongst the essentials ~i sometimes have the kitchen sink haha!!

    1. codemadness

      Hey Sophie! Happy you loved it! We can all relate to this! 😀

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