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iPhone SE Review

Today’s specs with yesterday’s design. The iPhone SE is truly a small but powerful device. After 4 years of using my LG L5 mobile phone I’ve decided to level up and treat myself with a little yet super pretty iPhone.

When iPhone SE came out last March and the first time I saw the rose gold color I was like.. Oh goodness! Where is my savings account! Ha-Ha.

I have this iPhone for over 3 weeks now and since many of you guys requested, I’ll share with you my thoughts about it, some camera shots and if you are interested to buy this smartphone, then this review is for you. Let’s get started!

iPhone SE Features:

  • It’s actually a much-improved, well-designed, small phone with great battery life
  • The SE also comes in silver, space gray, rose gold and gold.

rose gold apple logo

  • It has the same aluminum body as the iPhone 5s, the same four-inch Retina display, even the same placement of round volume buttons on the side
iphone volume
  • The back is smooth and satisfying, as though the phone just shaved. It weighs just four ounces but feels fairly durable, due in part to its hard edges and the fact that it’s just slightly thicker than the newer iPhone 6s.
rose gold apple smartphone
Back side of the iPhone
  • The only differences, aesthetically-speaking, between the iPhone 5s and the iPhone SE are the above mentioned colors, the matte edges, and the fact that the shiny Apple logo on the back of the phone is color-matched stainless steel.
iphone speakers and charger
Speakers, Charger and Headphone jack
  • The iPhone SE doesn’t support 3D Touch
  • iPhone SE is stuck with a 1.2-megapixel sensor.
iphone photography
Testing camera capability under natural light
  • The iPhone SE doesn’t have a barometer — if you care about elevation tracking.
  •  iPhone SE has a  fingerprint sensor.
playing games in iphone fast
Playing games to test iPhone speed

iPhone SE Prices:

  • Price in US starts at $399 for 16 GB
  • Price in Philippines:
    • Buy Online – you can get it for only Php 21, 482 for 16GB 
    • MAC stores – starts at Php 23, 999 for 16GB

Camera shots

iphone se macro shot
Indoors Auto Focus
iphonese flat lay flash
Flay Lay shot – Outdoors with flash
Outdoors – Auto Focus
iPhone SE day light shot
Random Shot Outdoors
iphonese camera shots
Camera Shot – Natural Light


iPhone SE Pros:

  • Ultra fast! I’ve opened 10 game apps and it doesn’t even hang.
  • The battery life is crazy! I used this for straight 2 days (WiFi, Calls, SMS) all along and the battery stayed up at 40% .
  • Rear camera is great and the price is relatively cheaper than the iPhone 6 or iPhone 6s and 6s Plus.

iPhone SE Cons:

  • Lacks a few iPhone 6s features
  • Design looks like iPhone 5s


I so love this phone seriously worth every penny! I’ve save up money to buy this and it feels amazing. If you’re someone who wants to buy the iPhone 6 or 6s but you don’t have a lot of budget – you can go ahead with this iPhone.

What do you think about the new iPhone SE?


  1. Kristine Redillas

    I’ve been using Apple for quite a while now and this product is really cheaper than most. When the iPhone 4 came out, it never cost like that. It was twice the price of an iPhone SE. Yet, even though with the cons, I still like it and has a powerful camera than most phones. 😀

  2. Xavier B

    I don’t like very much iPhone. I think prices are way to expensive for what it offers. This one looks actually like a really good alternative compare to the other iPhones. Better autonomy than 5S & 6S. It’s compact and powerful, the design is kind of a turn off though. Too old. But a good alternative.

    1. Janica Khemlani

      I agree with you Xavier! This one is kinda cheap and look old for the design but works oh so well! 😀

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