19 Things Only Independent Woman Can Relate To

Being an independent woman is more than a beautiful face and most of the time it takes a heart full of courage.Here are some things that you can probably relate to:

  1. You try to be a morning person – and sometimes, a cup of coffee is the way to fake it.
  2. You know that sick days are crazy – because no one will buy medicine for you.
  3. You’re lazy washing the dishes (they sleep in the sink overnight while you watch movies).
  4. Budgeting is still so darn HARD – but you keep trying.
  5. You actually enjoy eating alone (no one to share food? Yey!).
  6. Shopping is a stress reliever and the perfect ME TIME.
  7. You make the best decisions in the shower.
  8. You learn how to dress up, get up and put on makeup.
  9. You hate Mondays and you absolutely love Fridays (TGIF y’all!).
  10. You criticize yourself in the mirror then, you convince yourself that it’s okay to be imperfect.
  11. You know your mom can do your laundry better than you – but this time, you know you have to do it by yourself or else, you stash some cash in laundry shop.
  12. You finally understand how to deal with haters (and you shake it off).
  13. You choose your acquaintances carefully.
  14. You now understand that you don’t need a man to be happy.
  15. You now realize that you need money to live but family is your treasure to keep.
  16. For you, travel is not just a leisure – but it’s a way to reward yourself.
  17. You set standards for romantic relationship.
  18. Your parent’s happiness is your happiness (and you miss them a lot!)
  19. When you look back in your life, you feel proud that you take the risk of getting out of your comfort zone and now, your on your own.

How’s life being independent?

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