how to turn blog readers into customers

How To Turn Blog Visitors Into Paying Customers

Ever dreamed of making enough money from your blog that you can quit your 9-5 job? Or maybe save for your ultimate travel bucket list? Maybe, you’re already generating an income but you just don’t know how to take it to the next level.

If you have a product, service or generally want to make sustainable income from your blog then you need to radically change your approach and adapt a new perspective.

You see, if you’re doing the same thing over and over again, you’ll probably get the same results

Let me give you an example from my own business.

When I was new to all this blogging thing, I just know how to write blogposts, it was not effective, there’s no strategy whatsoever, no schedule, no ideal reader, I don’t even want to spend money on it so I opt for a free wordpress site.

Sure, it was comfortable. I can do whatever I wanted, there’s no risk, no pressure, but…

there’s also no growth, no impact, no income and no one was taking me seriously.

Are you doing the same thing to your blog?

It’s hard to monetize anything if you don’t take it seriously. You can make all the excuses as to why it’s not working, why “other bloggers” have more resources and yet it all boils down to what you’re doing!

If you say…”ugh! I’m actually exhausted! I’m doing all the things!!!”

Is it working? Does it give you the results that you need?

Because if not, you need to change your strategy!

Don’t make the same mistakes over and over again.

So why I’m bringing this up?

Whenever someone visits your blog, they are looking for solution.

Your job is to give that solution to them – through blogposts, video, product or service.

They wanted to know, what you’re about. Why you do this blogging thing in the first place.

Will they automatically buy? No.

Do you come to a new store and buy everything they have to offer? No. You look around, see if it fits you. If you like it, if they have the same values as you. This is how consumers think!

Learn 4 proven strategies to turn your blog visitors into paying customers.

Here are 4 tips that will help you turn blog visitors into paying customers.

  1. Take the spotlight back on your readers instead of yourself.
  2. Attract them to join your list with digestible freebies
  3. Delight them with welcome and nurturing email sequences
  4. Be intentional with the products you pitch.

Let’s break it down.

1. Take the spotlight back on your readers instead of yourself.

You have to realize that you are in the business of serving people which means everything that you put out there should be FOR THEM and NOT FOR YOU.

This is why it’s so important to have an ideal customer avatar because from there you can write your blogposts, create your products and services in a way that addresses their pain points and solves their problems.

2. Attract them to join your list with digestible freebies

Ah, email list. Do you have them? If you hate scrambling through every social media algorithm update or chasing for pageviews every single month, you need to setup your own email list.

No one will give you their personal contact information (in this case, name and email address) without some sort of return on their part. This is where the “freebies” come into the picture.

You can create cheatsheets, templates, resource library, free course or ebooks.

Just make sure that you are solving a problem and the solution IS IN the freebie. This way, they will trust that you know what you’re doing and that you care about their progress.

When you trained your subscribers to become action takers, this will make it easier for you to sell to them.

3. Delight them with welcome and nurturing email sequences

This is where you “warm them up” to buy. Too many people skip this part, no wonder why they find so hard to make sustainable income online.

Why is this important? Because people buy to someone they know, like and trust.

A series of 7 or 10 emails where you educate them to the subject that they opted-in (freebie), where they get results from on a consistent basis.

You can easily write and setup email sequences in ConvertKit.

4. Be intentional with the products you pitch.

I think we all learn this the hard way, do you agree?

You saw an affiliate program, you never think twice, you send out a full on broadcast to your email list *expecting huge sales* then boom…..crickets and tons of unsubscribes.

If you don’t want this to ever happen again, you should ask yourself this questions:

  • Is this product solving my audience’s problems?
  • Is the pricing right?
  • Have I tried this and gotten good results?
  • Have I given enough information about the product?

If you’re planning to promote an affiliate product, make sure you have all the strategies you need to make it a huge success for your business and a major win for your customers as well.

Now, it’s your turn…

How do you turn your blog readers into paying customers? Let’s chat below.

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