How To Reject A Girl

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Maybe you have met a girl, but for some reason, you are not interested in having a relationship with her. You may also have a female friend that you have known for a long time and she has expressed having affectionate feelings for you, but you don’t feel the same about her.

You have to know how to reject the girls and do so kindly and without appearing rude by causing them embarrassment. You can choose to reject her expressly, or you do so indirectly.

Here are some tips on how to effectively reject a girl:

Plan how you will deliver the news

Since you understand yourself well and understand how you interact with her, choose the most appropriate way. You also need to follow your instincts on how to go about it. If you are not sure if you can manage to do it in person because it could be embarrassing for her or hard for you, then use a note.

The best thing about using a note is that you will say all that you need to say and allow her ample time and space to process everything. However, using a note, email, or text may not be a very good idea as they are impersonal and will make you appear insincere.

But if you met online through dating sites such as Happymatches, and maybe you have never even met physically, an email or message through a chat platform can do.

You also need to choose a good place to communicate your rejection when doing it in person, and preferably avoid public places like a noisy restaurant as it may humiliate her even more. She wouldn’t want strangers to see her crying. Regarding timing, avoid delaying the rejection because the longer it takes to get it across, the more you will hurt her.

Inform her that you appreciate her interest

You should not come out as rude intentionally, even when you must reject a girl. Regardless of whatever you tell her, let her know that you are flattered that she asked and looked forward to a relationship with you. Make her feel that you appreciate her considering you and gathering the courage to approach you even though you will not accept her offer.

Focus on yourself as you say “no”

Try as much as possible not to make the girl feel like it was wrong to have asked you or shown interest in you. Doing that may make her feel demeaned. Instead, as you reject her, focus on yourself by saying something like, “I am glad to have known you, but I am not interested in a relationship.” The idea is to take responsibility by making statements that focus on yourself.

Be direct to avoid giving her false hope

While rejecting a girl, the most critical thing is to ensure that you make it clear that you have no intention of being in a relationship with her. You need to say it directly so that there is no doubt in her mind and to avoid giving her false hope that a relationship with you stands any chance.

Avoid making her think that there could be a possibility of a future relationship by keeping away from statements like, “The time is not the best now,” as it makes it appear as if the timing could be better in the future.

Employ indirect methods

Sometimes the direct approaches may be hard to use, so you may have to use indirect methods. You can ignore her and her communication. Although it is rude, it is still an option. You need to cut all forms of communication with her and she will take the hint and leave you.

You could also talk about other girls while with her, for example about a new lovely girl you met or one of her female friends. While this approach can appear rude, it may make her mad and she will leave you. Another way is to avoid any meetings or hook-ups until she reads the signs.

Rejecting a girl can be an uphill task, but with proper plans and tactics, you can pull it off effectively. You need to do it at the earliest opportunity and avoid leaving any room for doubt about your intentions by stating them directly.

You also need to be firm but polite so that you do not change your mind due to anything she could say or do like sobbing.

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