How To Prioritize Yourself And Your Needs

Have you noticed how the phrase “self-care isn’t selfish” is now making rounds on social media?

We all know this is true, although it can feel easier said than done.

One week after publishing the first entry to our Self-Care Made Possible Series, which was about how to deal with anxiety and everyday stress, I received emails from readers who says they don’t practice as much self-care as they’d like because they prioritize the needs of others before their own.

Despite the huge benefits in choosing to care for others, ignoring your own needs can take a toll in your mental and physical health. Here are tips that you can do to stop feeling guilty of taking care of yourself

Despite the huge benefits in choosing to care for others, ignoring your own needs can take a toll in your mental and physical health.

“You can’t pour from an empty cup. Only you know when your cup is empty and it’s your job to keep it full” said by Nedra Tawwab, M.S.W.

When you prioritize the needs of others before your own, you will find yourself resentful and miserable repeatedly.

We all have our own reasons for why putting ourselves first can be difficult, here are the common ones:

We feel guilty for prioritizing ourselves because we believe it’s selfish.

Selfless people are celebrated in our society and we often feel that by giving to others constantly we’ll be liked or accepted.

It’s hard to prioritize yourself with guilt lingering in your head

Ugh. That voice of guilt, always the loudest if not continuously pushing us to put others first, it’s a real challenge to overcome.

There’s no to very little support system

When you try to prioritize yourself, people will attack you and say things like..

” So, what does your husband say about that?”

“Are your parents okay if you’re…”

“If you’ll be back to work, who will take care of your kids…”

“Are you sure you have enough time for that business?”

All of these are blockers to self-care. 🤦‍♀️

So what could be the solution?

Prioritizing yourself and your happiness doesn’t mean disregarding those around you, and it doesn’t always have to be a drastic, scary change.

I would suggest to start with identifying what things would make you happy.

Know that when you take good care of yourself, people get a happier version of you.

To help you “shake off” those self-care guilt, try empowering mantras to remind you why you deserve to practice self-care.

Research shows that when we recite uplifting mantras and affirmations, we feel better and develop stronger sense of self-worth. That boost of self-worth can help you feel more compelled to take care of your own needs.

Here Are 6 Mantras You Can Try

  1. “I deserve joy.”
  2. “I am important”
  3. “When I pour into myself, I can shine my light to others”
  4. “I am worthy of all the things that bring me happiness”
  5. “I can make time to nourish my mind, body and spirit.”
  6. “I am doing my best”

Remember you are your most valuable asset. And it’s okay to take little time and practice to believe that. ❤️

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