Home Infestation: How To Identify Them And Get Rid Of Them

Infestations can be irritating. Knowing that there are intruders in your home can surely give you sleepless nights. And the situation can get worse when the infestation remains unidentified and grows into a dangerous size.

These intruders bring along with them a host of diseases and problems including litter and garbage. And no one would wish to encounter any disease because of the unwanted creatures that live right next to you in close vicinity, discreetly.

Therefore, it becomes all the more important to understand the early signs of an infestation. This could actually help you get rid of these creatures as early as possible and save you from diseases.


It is noteworthy that there are over hundreds of types of intruders that can infest your home. From birds to insects and bugs and even some amphibians. All of them can bring havoc to your abode and leave you in distress.

Having said that, each and every one of these has some signature signs that they give away. Knowing these signs, you can easily identify the type of infestant and therefore devise a proper treatment to get rid of them.

  • They Leave Trails Of Feces

One of the most easily traceable signs is feces that these infestants usually leave behind. Each creature has a specific type of feces which could help in the identification of these creatures. For example, if you find small black colored feces that look like cumin seeds, it is very likely that the infestant is a cockroach.

Similarly, amphibians leave behind feces that are bigger in size. Identifying the size, shape, and color of the feces can tell the type of creature. Which can help you plan the type of treatment you’d need to get rid of them.

  • Egg-Shells Can Be Found Near Nooks And Corners

Another possible sign that these creatures give away is the shells of their eggs that can be found in the nooks and corners.  But a single infestant is very likely to leave no trace behind. Or even if it leaves behind traces, they would be insignificantly minute to be hardly visible.

Usually, large colonies of infestants, especially pests and insects lay their eggs in damp and warm places. This is because the eggs are easily bred and hatched in such environments, only. In fact, each and every creature has a significant size and color associated with its eggs. This means, identifying the eggshells can also help identify the type of infestation that you’re dealing with.

  • They Usually, Produce Some Kind Of Odor

If there is an infestation, it is needless to say that these creatures would excrete urine and shed other organic matter. Usually, these organic matters produce a significant odor that is associated with specific species.

For example, if you find a damp, sugary odor that irritates your nostrils, it is very likely that your home is infested by rodents. Similarly, cockroaches give away a rotten odor. Once you understand the type of odor, it becomes easier to identify the type of infestation.

Get Rid Of Them

Identifying the type of infestation is just one step. The real challenge is getting rid of these creatures that are giving you sleepless nights.

Depending upon the type of infestation, different remedies can be sought. For example, if you have an ant infestation, you can easily get rid of them using turmeric. Turmeric has specific acid, that causes irritation to ants, thus making them leave from the infested location.

  • Identify The Size Of Infestation

The very first step towards getting rid of any type of infestation is knowing the size of infestation. Depending upon the size of the infestation, the remedy would be decided. It is needless to say that a larger size of infestation would need special equipment while small infestations can be treated rather easily.

Large colonies can become obnoxious and they can usually be identified easily. For example, look for moving infestants in your home. Or you can also use the aforementioned identification practices. According to the experts from large colonies of pests can be traced following the trails of feces and eggshells that they leave behind.

Another possible method of identifying the size of the colony can be looking out for their usual hiding place. In fact, once you’ve identified the type of infestation, it becomes easier to look for their habitats. For example, bed bugs are usually found around your bedding. Whereas, flies and other pests are usually found in dark cracks and corners in your home.

  • Try Home Remedies For Small Colonies

A rather small colony can be handled using home remedies. As already mentioned, ants can be easily handled using turmeric powder. Similarly, most types of infestations are easily treatable at home. All you need to know is what works for the type of infestation you have at home.

You can easily find hundreds of articles on the internet that can provide you with natural remedies for the type of infestation you need to get rid of. Having said that, it is also advised that, you need to understand what size you can deal with. A colony that has a mere hundred of members is very likely to be treated using home remedies. But a size larger than that should be left with professionals.

  • Sometimes It’s Best Left To The Professionals

Now that we are already in discussion of professional pest control services, it is important to understand when should you look for them. Usually, when the infestation grows out of control, seeking professional assistance is considered as the best way out.

Apart from the large size of the colony, the type of infestation also determines whether you should seek professional help or not. For example, if your home is infested by large creatures such as bats and serpents, it is best that you seek professional help rather than trying to get rid of them yourself.

Some Precautionary Steps For Further Prevention

Infestations are prone to grow again even if you get rid of the creatures once. Therefore, professionals and experts suggest that you should take a few precautionary steps to ensure that infestation does not grow back.

  • Look For Cracks And Crevices

These infestants usually enter your home through the cracks in window panes and doors. You should keep a regular check on the maintenance of your doors and windows. Look out for any cracks or gaps in the windows or doors and their panes to ensure that these creatures do not make their way into your home.

  • Regularly Clean Your Bedding

One of the best attractions for any type of infestant is garbage. Especially the organic waste that you keep on shedding are loved by small bugs and insects. And most of this organic waste is accumulated at the place where you spend most of your time. Yes, your bed. That is why you should clean your bedding thoroughly on a regular basis.

  • Get Professional Pest Control Treatment Annually

The aforementioned DIY tips are useful for prevention against some common infestations. But still, you should not avoid professional treatments. These professionals ensure that each and every corner of your home is very well treated with the chemicals that keep these intruders at bay. Thus, preparing an extra layer of protection against infestation.

Whether you are currently facing an infestation problem, or are simply curious about maintaining your health, the above-mentioned ideas are sure to help you get through. Still, it is noteworthy that, you should only follow these tips as much as you can cope with, or else, seeking professional help is the best idea in the end.

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