Here’s Why You Stay In A Job That You Hate

When you need to remember what you supposed to be working on, or think of an excuse to take a leave or call out sick or get to work extremely late and leave early – this might be a sign that you need to do some serious thinking about your current job.

Possible Reasons Why You Stay In A Job That You HATE

hate your job

1 – You’re afraid to get out of your comfort zone

You worked for this company for too long, you have built great friendships, you can work with your eyes closed – you know your job too well. But despite all of this “comfy”, if you can be honest with yourself you know that you are already bored, that you need change, that you need more responsibility to grow or at least – you need an increase.

2 – You’re always “too busy”

You might say, “I hate my current job because blah blah blah… but I am not yet in the mood to look for other jobs. I’m too busy.” Then time will come that you realize that you’ve spent so much time on getting “busy and stuck in the same job for 15 long years – without promotion. Ouch!

hate your job

3 – Taking risks, scares the hell out of you.

For you to achieve greater heights in your life, you need to take risks – it’s part of life. You know you have a lot more to offer, you know you’re not happy, but just thinking of speaking in an interview makes you want to curb to your current chair and stay there forever. How long do you plan to be scared?

4 – You think that your colleagues, boss and clients can help you pay your bills.

True friendships can arise from offices, especially if you work in the same team for a while now. But, let’s face it – the older you get, the more bills you need to pay because you will have more responsibility. Maybe you’re planning to get married, or you are the sole breadwinner – your “friends” at work cannot fill that up for you.

5 – You feel like you’re not yet ready for it.

Here’s the thing, you’ll never be ready for anything! Until when can you wait? Forever? What!? If you feel like you’re not yet ready to take exams and interviews because you’re scared no one will waste time reading your outdated CV – then do something about it. Level up your skills and get out there once you’re done prepping up.

6 – You think that your team or project cannot live without you.

Let’s do some reality check here – you’re the employee not the business owner! It’s a great trait to be concerned with your current company but too much of that can hurt you and your future endeavors. And please, don’t think they NEED you so much that they cannot go on without you, once you’re out they’ll find someone else – case closed!

7 – You tried to find a better job but you got rejected – so you’re scared of doing it again.

True, it’s not easy to put yourself up when rejection hits. But the fact that you were able to go out there to hunt for a better and “greener grass” is something remarkable! Why don’t you push further? Why don’t you try harder? Don’t stop!

In a hype of all of this, before leaving your current job, it is always recommended to have a job offer ready and discuss the new found gem with your supervisor (because you know the drill).

What’s the hardest thing about your job?


  1. cheriz

    Hahaha.. .. True… Lalu n kng malaki dn nmn ang salaryng nakukuha nakakapanghinayang nang bitawan pa…

    1. Janica

      Hi Cheriz, kaya tyagaan nalang talaga minsan no? Haha

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