11 Habits of Highly Effective Women


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What do highly effective women do differently? That was the question that pops up when I attended a reunion with my closest friends.

A woman who works as an executive in a law firm answered that being successful means you have all the “fancy stuff” that you can ever imagine: car, house, branded bags, high-end cosmetics, clothes and unlimited travel around the globe.

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One woman who work on a grocery store stood up and said with a trembling voice..” I have a healthy home and happy family and I think I am successful”.

You see every one of us will have some opinion about what does it really take to be successful or what does it really mean to be one.

Today, let’s focus on the what successful women do differently and let me know in the comments section below what among these items do you implement in your own life or which ones do you want to do next.

11 Habits of Highly Successful Women

habits of successful women

1.) She invest in herself.

She prioritise education above all else. A successful women believes in the power of knowledge and she’s aware that she needs to be educated to be competitive whether in day-to-day life or business. She never stop learning new things and strive to be the smartest version of herself.

2.) She accepts challenges.

Successful women is up to any challenge as she knows that it will benefit her in the long run. She knows how to set realistic goals and dare to push them a little higher. Her achievements made her trust herself more.

3.) She knows healthy doesn’t mean being skinny.

Oh those skinny  bitches? That doesn’t hurt a successful women! She knows that all the perfectly photo shopped bodies and filtered faces is just a distraction to her goals and yes, she accepts her own body 100% and is not worried nor affected to what other says about her.

4.) She carry herself well.

Have you seen or met a successful women who always look put together? Seems like she slay every outfit that she wear? That’s because she knows that having a healthy body is the key to achieve optimum productivity in everything.

She knows how to escape reality and take time to catch some “me time” to relieve stress. She carry herself well even she has deep-seated wounds.

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5.) She fights the guilt.

It’s normal for us women to feel guilty at times. When we choose to stay at home when were sick but we should be at work instead, we feel guilty if we give money to someone we love but we know they don’t deserve it.

We feel guilty for so many reasons and a successful women takes charge of it. She’s aware that her emotions can overtake her decisions so she fights hard no matter what.


6.) She’s financially stable.

Successful woman knows how to handle her finances. She understands that every cent is something she works hard for every single day.

She acknowledge that money is one of the important area of her life even its daunting and stressful at times. She knows where her money go and where to spend it for greatest benefit.

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7.) She smiles because she’s grateful.

Do you even realize how beautiful you look when you smile? How good does it feel? It actually feels so good! Yes I’m not talking about the bitch face here – please that doesn’t do anything! I challenge you to smile today – have fun, crack a joke, be silly you deserve to laugh out loud, baby!

And please, try to smile back to a stranger they will smile back I assure you. Successful woman understands the power of being grateful and as a result smiling to herself or even to other people and she doesn’t exert a single effort.

8.) She creates her own rules

Successful woman knows that work is not everything. She knows she has a lot to offer to the world, to her family and loved ones. She understands that though she works on large corporations does not mean she needs to give up her social life and personal time off.


9.) She wholeheartedly celebrates her wins: big or small

She acknowledge that she’s working her butts off to reach a goal. She doesn’t give up when things are not going her way and she jump out of excitement on small or big wins.

She knows how to motivate herself to achieve more and improve.

10.) She’s a bad-ass

Successful woman knows that along her way to success she will be confronted by so many lies, betrayal, heartache and pain – but she will fight through them.

She’s unstoppable and never let anyone get in her way to get what she worked hard for. She fights for her rights. She knows what she deserves and she choose the right people.

And most of all, she knows she doesn’t need a man to buy her a car, a house because she can do all of that by herself.

11.) She has a big heart

Successful woman knows how to give back to people who helped her through her way up. She knows the right people to lift up. She doesn’t ask anything for return. She reach out to anyone in need.












  1. Nica

    Hi Teya! Good to see you on our blog and I’m so happy you liked this post. Women face so much pressure on a daily basis and sometimes, we forget ourselves (of what we truly want!) I will definitely write posts like this in the coming days 🙂

  2. Teya // TLM Blog

    Love this post! Being successful can seem so overcomplicated sometimes but I love how refined this post is! It speaks to every women no matter what her desired career is!

  3. Cybergenic Associates Int’l

    This post is amazing! I’m sure you’ve inspired a lot of women through this article. It’s really motivating and educational at the same time. # 7 is my favorite 🙂


    1. Janica Khemlani

      Hey Cybergenic! Thank you so much for your kind words 🙂 Yep I think so this is my favorite article too! And you know what? I LOVE the #7 its really on point. Have a great day ahead! <3

  4. Yogo Cream

    Success is truly subjective. What one perceives as success may not be for others. It is indeed more important to focus on one’s self. I love your post as it is really helpful to reflect on one’s habits and also a reminder for us on what to do. Based on experience, I do 9 and it certainly motivates me to do more. Thanks for this post 🙂 -Me-An Clemente of http://yogoandcream.com

    1. Janica Khemlani

      Hello Me-Ann! Sorry for the late response. I agree with you that we should be our own definition of success. Happy you liked it 🙂

  5. Carola

    I like 2,7,8,9 the best! They’re are a lot about attitude and that is really important! Lovely list to read. I think accepting challenges is definitely needed to grow and discover new things.

    1. Janica Khemlani

      Those are my favorite points too!! 🙂 Thanks for sharing your thoughts

  6. Paula

    A big yes to number 8! It’s not all about work. My job enables me to have a life, but my job is not my life. Great post!

    1. Janica Khemlani

      Thank you so much Paula! <3 It is really important to get a life outside of work because we're humans and not robots! 🙂

  7. Zwitsy

    That’s how I see successful women too! Indeed, they have all those traits. No wonder they succeed. and I guess I should start investing for myself too!

  8. Janica Khemlani

    Oh yes Robert that is on point! Thanks for your thoughts 🙂

  9. So far so Sabine

    Yes very inspiring. As being a woman! It’s always interesting to see views on being successful and how to become like this. Oprah is a true inspiration to a lot of women.

    1. Janica Khemlani

      I love Oprah! She’s amazing! Happy you liked the article 🙂

  10. Johna P.

    “Passion is energy. Feel the power that comes from focusing on what excites you.” What a lovely quote! Definitely going to write this in my planner to remind me everyday! Definitely agree with everything in this post! More power to women! 😛 😛

    1. Janica Khemlani

      Yes haha! I have that quote written in my office desk lol. Happy you liked it! 🙂

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