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Glamworks Goat’s Milk Soap Review

Hi there beauties, today I will share with you the body soap that I am currently addicted to. I’ve been using this glamworks goat’s milk with oatmeal from glam works for 4 months now and I just can’t help but do a review about it! So, let’s jump right into it! 


Goat’s milk has over 50 nutrients, including Vitamins A, C and b-complex with minerals and other elements that nourish and rejuvenate dehydrated skin. It also has oatmeal component responsible for scrubbing off dead skin cells and works as skin moisturizer for smooth healthy and younger looking skin. 


  • Php 56.00 for 135g


  • Watsons and other major department stores.


  • Exfoliates really well, but not harsh on the skin
  • It has a milky scent which I love
  • Leave skin smooth and smooth afterwards
  • Affordable
  • Has manufacturing and expiration date indicated in the box
  • Firm, doesn’t melt fast
  • 1 bar can last 1 month (depending on usage)


  • None


RE-PURCHASE? Absolutely! This is one of the best body soaps I’ve tried. I will definitely stick to it.


How about you? Have you tried this soap? You have to! 🙂


  1. Nica

    Hello! I actually thought I’m the only one who liked this soap haha! What is the problem with your skin? Maybe I can help 🙂 I used to have so many acne in the face and back and now it’s okay (aka I can face the world haha)

  2. John Christopher Garcia

    Thank you for your reply it seems like we’re the only person who only knew about this soap and its completely gone in this world 😂 that means my face has no hopes.

  3. Nica

    Hi John,

    Thanks for reading. Unfortunately, I cannot find this soap in other stores as well.

  4. John Christopher Garcia

    Hello may I ask where can I find this soap? Its already phased out in watsons and this soap is the only one that is effective on me, I tried other soap and it gone worse. Thank you in advance.

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