7 Things Girls Need To Remind Themselves Everyday

Dreams are very important, they give us hope and courage during tough times. They make us braver, bolder and stronger than we were before. Girls, you have to remind yourself of these things…


You might have heard or read about this “many times” but do you actually apply it in your own life? Do you actually know what it means? Don’t let what other say or didn’t say steal your joy, your passion and love for life. Laugh as much as possible. Be happy with who you are  – and I know it’s not easy, but regrets are even harder to deal with.

“There are girls who change the world everyday by dreaming and then acting to accomplish their goals … girls like YOU. ” ~ Ashley Rice


Stick with friends who value you for who you are not those who want to change you. Don’t let what others do influence you even if there are more of them than you. Even if what you’re doing doesn’t make sense to someone else. In time you feel a lot better and you’ll go a lot farther!


Pursue and achieve your goals that mean something to you.  Choose each road carefully, but allow whimsy in your life. Sometimes the unexpected opportunity will lead you someplace exciting and new.

Meet changes head on and don’t feel overwhelmed by them. Be mindful of other’s feelings and take care of your own heart. Keep courage in your pocket so you’re ready to face anything.

“Greatness is a mountain scaled in courage. ” ~ Ashley Rice


If you have never failed, then probably you have been “fighting” in the right “weight” class with the best competition. if you have never been hurt..then probably you have never gone after something that you loved. If you have never been frightened… then you probably have never put yourself on the line or cared about something enough to – win or lose. If you have never fallen.. then you have not grown or learned how to get up. If you have never lost.. then you probably have not taken any chances. 

Because when you fall – you fail, but your heart…? It dances.

“When the ground falls out under you… learn to fly. ”  ~ Penelope J. Miller


You are not lost, you have a compass inside you – your heart. It’s right there, right now. And it’s been there from the start. Things will get better. Just follow your heart – it will never let you down.


When your feeling blue and things aren’t going your way.. learn to get up and see the big picture. Realize that your current situation is not your destination but hence it’s just a setback – it’s never permanent.  Hope for something better. So no matter what you do – even the clouds are grey, walk in sunshine.


Find your own pair of wings. When things seem difficult, learn to calm down and relax. Start reminding yourself of your dreams, your goals and the things that are far more important than any argument. 

As far as reaching your dreams and your goals, girl… you can do anything! 

P.S.  Wherever you are right now, I hope you follow your heart, be bold enough to fight for your own happiness and never forget these reminders to keep you going. ” ~Codemadness

Disclaimer: This post was inspired by current favorite book: You Go Girl, Keep Dreaming by Penelope J. Miller. 


  1. codemadness

    Thank you so much Zoel and missfloranze! I’m really happy you loved the post. That means a lot to me. 🙂

  2. Zoel HL

    Great post, everyone should read that and apply it! x

    Zoel Hernández | zoelhernandez.wordpress.com

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    Such a great article to remind one to love more and careless about what others think. =)

  4. missfloranze

    Absolutely Love this post, I guess it will be a good new year resolution to love more of ourselves and surround ourselves with positive energy, =)

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