How To Find The Right Lipstick Shade?

Hey, let’s do some lippie talk today. Do you know the best lipstick shade that is perfect for your skin tone? Me personally, I just love pinks and nudes. 

I am getting obsessed to lipsticks recently. I love lip glosses and nude lipsticks. Uh men! Can I just stay on the lipstick section all my life? Or have them all? Please? I know I’m not alone. Ha-ha.

I had a chit chat with my friend’s makeup artist during her wedding day and I found some helpful tips!

To enhance your lip feature you only need 1-2 shade darker compared to your natural lip color.

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If you have fair white skin

  • Opt for coral, pinks, apricot and peach shades to enhance your skin tone.

If you have olive toned skin

  • Then buy shades of mauve, purples, and deep browns, red, chocolate or rose color.

To check if you are olive-toned or fair-toned, check the color of your veins in your wrist. If it is bluish-green, you are fair skinned, if however it is yellow and olive color, you olive toned.

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Always try on the lipstick you want to buy. See if the color enhances your lip feature or not, it should divert all your attention to lips only. If it makes your tone dull, it’s not the right color for you. Also pay attention to the formula of the lipstick, is it good? Or is your lips dry that’s why the lipstick doesn’t look good?

If you want to shop for darker lipsticks, buy a same matching lip liner. It helps to stay the lipstick stay longer and also prevent smudging. If you want to make your lip fuller, try outlining your lips with a nude lip liner.


Also don’t forget to put some petroleum jelly or lip balm before going bed. Exfoliation of the lips is also essential, you can do it by gently scrubbing some brown sugar and voila! You’re perfect pout is ready to hit a kiss!


What’s you’re go to lipstick by the way? Share it now in the comment section below 🙂




  1. With All My Affection

    I love your post, these charts are so helpful! I have medium/olive skin and always go for darker lipsticks – they are so lovely on my skintone!

    1. codemadness

      Thanks dear! I would definitely check your blog too!! ?

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