7 Essential Blog Investments Worth Making

Did you know what every successful blog has made smart investments? If you are ready to take blogging into a full pledge business, click through to know the essential blog investments worth making that will help you succeed online

Every serious blogger understands that there are essential blog investments to make to have a successful blog since blogging has evolved from a daily journal into a great way of making money online.

What’s frustrating is that there are so many options for tools, courses and software that it is so easy to get lost, overwhelmed and procrastinate.

Today, we will share with you the 7 things you need to invest in to make blogging work for you.

Please bear in mind that using the tools alone will not guarantee success if you don’t put in the work.

Over the years of blogging, we have tried so many free tools, and though we are grateful for free service there’s really not much to help compared to investing in a paid, premium and high quality service  that pays off in the long run.

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7 Essential Blog Investments For Every Blogger

If you are new to blogging, you may have some “doubts” if your new found hobby will workout for you. For this, what you can do is set a baseline budget, example $10-$100.

Be honest with yourself, you have got to make sure you have enough funds so you won’t end up starving just because you want this thing to badly.

Keep this in mind while we run through the list of essential blog investments.

1. Custom Domain + Secured Hosting 

Trust me, you save yourself in a LOT of stress and trouble when you start right. Doesn’t matter if you are not sure what to do with your blog (hobby or business) at first, make it a point to NOT waste time on free services.

Not only it won’t prevent you to make money, you do not have any control to the platform and it can disappear anytime. I experienced this first hand, I was blogging through for two years and suddenly I cannot find my website  – don’t make the same mistake that I did!

Do not stress on what to pick for a domain name, you will probably change your mind and that’s okay. For the hosting, I highly recommend SiteGround as they give the best customer service perfect for non-tech savvy bloggers.

2. Premium Theme + Design Assets

One of the things that I honestly didn’t pay attention at first is the “branding” and making my blog “look legit”. It is so important that you buy a premium theme that will match what your blog is about and what it stands for. The good news? You do not have to spend a whole ton of money! There are themes under $80 that you can choose from.

I recommend go for clean, flexible and mobile friendly theme as it helps your blog to look professional and increases reader’s engagement.

Another thing to look out for are design elements. This includes fonts, patterns and other elements that best represent your blog personality. Again, you don’t have to go crazy about this, only choose the ones that resonates most to you and helps you get noticed online.

3. Photography Tools

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Taking your own photos for your blog may be time consuming at first, but when you get the hang of it you will realize its the best thing ever. You do not need to spend a whole lot actually, you can get a great camera less than $200 that you can use anytime, anywhere!

Once you decided to get your own camera for blogging, remember to have a consistent effect: bright and sunny, dark and gloomy, professional and clean so you have a cohesive look all throughout your blog and or social media profiles.


The Best Photography Tools for Blogging

4. Social Media Scheduler

Probably the most “stressful” when it comes to blogging is keeping up with ever changing algorithms of social media. If you see yourself giving up because of this, I’ve got good news for you! Invest in a social media scheduler like TailwindApp and focus only to 1 or 2 social media platforms.

If you are trying to “have it all work out” you will probably be burn out in no time! Give yourself 10 to 20 minutes to schedule your posts once a week and you will be just fine.


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How To Use TailwindApp To Schedule Pins On Pinterest

5. Email Marketing Platform

Ofcourse, this one is probably the most important in this list. If you want this blogging thing to be a full time gig, you gotta have an email list – don’t argue.

If you don’t believe me, ask ANYONE who become successful online they will say the same thing…” money is on the list.” It is also the most difficult to manage but the learning curve is so worth it.

You can start with a free one but I highly recommend you take the plunge and go for ConvertKit. It is powerful and simple you don’t have to stress about tech stuff, you’ll get the ROI in no time.


ConvertKit versus MailChimp

How To Create Your Own Email List Using ConvertKit

6. Invest In Yourself

There’s no argument that great resources helps you propel your blog and business. What you can do is invest in great books that will teach you the RIGHT mindset of what’s really like to be an entrepreneur and how to strengthen your self discipline.

There are also courses that will guide you to powerful tools that you can take advantage to increase your blog exposure and step up your blogging game.


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7. Give it Time

If there’s one thing I learned about blogging, it’s this: it does take time. There will be a lot of learning curve, trial and error, failure and success along the way. But you gotta spend time on it.

It’s so easy to get overloaded with so much information, so you have to really sit down and right your blogging goals.

Also, be patient with yourself. I think a lot of bloggers (including myself) tend to go overboard without thinking if the “new trend” is right for your blogging stage and for your schedule.

If you are a part time blogger, you gonna keep in mind that you have limited time to work on your blog – of course, self care should go first.

That’s all I got for this post, I hope you find it helpful! 🙂

What’s the BEST investment you made for your blog?


  1. Nicole DaRosa

    Hands down, my best investment was my camera! I am super visual so having quality photos helps me get my message across. This year, I want to invest more in myself and blog!

    1. Janica Khemlani

      Hello Nicole! I couldn’t agree more! I am so inlove with my camera too lots of things to learn and explore I am enjoying it 🙂 By the way, I understand you want to invest in yourself, have a look at my ebook and blogging guide bundle at the shop, I’m sure you will love it! 😀

    1. Janica Khemlani

      Hello Zahra, sorry I didn’t realized I haven’t replied on your comment – thank you so much for reading! Happy it was helpful to you 🙂

    1. Janica Khemlani

      Jessica you are the sweetest! Thank you! We will surely check it out! 🙂

    1. Janica Khemlani

      Hey girl, sorry for the super late response. Were you able to get the lightning equipment youbwere looking for?

  2. Mala

    Wonderful list. I was especially drawn to the business books link because not many share that information.


    1. Janica Khemlani

      Hi Mala! How’s the business book shopping? Did you get some?

      1. Mala

        Hi Janica. I am currently reading Crush it! and finding it especially meaningful in today’s age of social media.

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