9 Horrible Signs Crab Mentality

Crab Mentality? Sometimes referred to as “crabs” in the bucket, is a way of thinking best described by the phrase…”If I can’t have it, neither can you.”

This is so popular in our country. Filipinos will be put down by a “kababayan” because they are succeeding in life and thus, getting ahead of them. In your everyday life, for sure you’ve come across some people that have the right blend of bad vibes and bad attitude.

Have you notice in social media? They are the ones who are spending so much time criticizing instead of being happy to the achievement of others. Everyone of us is guilty of this and for us to eliminate this kind of thinking, we need to know the signs first. Here are some.

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1. They act as if they know everything

They are active critics but never accept criticisms thrown to them by other people. They doesn’t care about your opinions because they think as if they are the smartest people around. Dare to correct them and you’ll see how bad it would go.

2. They love the blame game

When you are down, never expect these people to help you out. Why? Because they will do one thing – pull you down further! They enjoy blaming other people even for their own problems instead of taking full responsibility.

3. They live by this mantra“If I can’t have it, neither can you”

This represents the “crabs in the bucket” metaphor, where the crabs can easily escape from the bucket, but instead, they grab and pull down each other in a selfish competitive manner which prevents any of them to escape, resulting to their collective demise. In other words, people who have a crab mentality are selfish and they don’t have any sense of sacrifice.

4. They freak out when other people are successful

The perfect combination of arrogance + envy + jealously all in one! They are in constant panic when the people they “look down on” are getting achievements and thus getting ahead of them. By the time, they are so itchy to pull the other person down by tell tale stories, gossips or harsh words. Want a tip? Check your social media channels and you will see who are those that gives bitter comments – watch your back!

5. They are too proud of themselves

[Tweet “”Remember, too much EGO will kill your TALENT.””]

What makes them so irritating? Aggr! These people are too damn proud of themselves to the point that based on their actions, you will feel as if they are “royalties” and treat others as “slaves or inferior beings”. They would brag everything that they’ve done and will shook their head as if they are higher than everyone else.

6. They are blind when it comes to their negative traits

[Tweet “”Limit your words in insulting others, because sometimes the words you are using to insult someone is the best word to describe you.””]

Since these people feel like they are the “highest” of all, they would not believe anyone who told them about their lack or negative traits. Instead, they see every single bad things about other people – that’s why they throw negative criticisms.

7. They treat everyone as competitors

They don’t like the words… cooperation, unity and team work. These people are allergic to it. They think everyone around them is heading for a competition. In any organization or family, you can easily identify who has crab mentality to the way they treat others. They are “credit grabbers” they will never celebrate your success – even if you work your butts off for it. They will take it as if it was meant for them.

8. They spend their time on gossip than improving their own lives

Instead of looking for opportunities to improve their own life, these people will be out of the blues to gossip just about every bad thing about another person. Again, talking about the perfect combo crisis.

9. They don’t care about compassion

Compassion is a very powerful trait that enables us to walk in other people’s shoes and appreciate the lives they are living. People with crab mentality doesn’t care about this.They are insensitive and rejoice when people are getting offended.

**People with this kind of mentality will never admit they have it.

That’s why they don’t change – because they cannot accept it.

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  1. Evolute Six

    This mentality has got to stop! It defeats the purpose of development. If you consider it’s signs like loving the blame game or being too proud of themselves, these are actually recipes for a downfall of an individual. And this is quite detrimental if you put this in a context of a group. Sad to say, many have fallen trap to this mentality. Just live and let live! Encourage one another, and be happy for the success of others. You’ll have your success in time.

  2. Ram Kuizon

    Everything is just right! Just like you mate, I try surround myself with good folks. As much as I hate to admit this, being a proud Pinoy myself. I just can’t take this side of our culture. But I believe this is curable in due time.

    cheers! http://www.masterryo.wordpress.com

  3. Kristine Redillas

    Everything is just annoying about them. But sometimes having crab mentality is inevitable, it’s how our culture is or was.

    1. Janica Khemlani

      Yes I agree. That’s why its important to be vigilant and extra mindful about ourselves as well. I don’t believe that “when everyone is doing it, you should should it too”

  4. Madz

    Well , I think crab mentality is really toxic in any environment. I think the most annoying trait for people who have this is their meddling.I think they meddle by gossiping or sabotaging other people’s efforts. I hope the people around them could help.

    1. Janica Khemlani

      The sad thing is that, sometimes people who are close to them didn’t even bother to correct them. It’s our job to get rid of them and avoid them as much as we can

  5. Caleb Danzo

    I try to avoid negative people who say bad stuff about other people–because they’re sure to do the same thing behind your back. I think it’s also the choice of peers you have. If you hang out with people with crab mentality, you’re bound to do the same.

    1. Janica Khemlani

      You are what you’re friends are. Love your words Caleb!

  6. Miss Piggy

    I hate crab mentality. It irritates me whenever i encounter one and try to avoid them as much as I can to avoid conflict and negativity

    1. Janica Khemlani

      Yes, run for your life! They are snatchers of happiness

  7. Berlin Domingo

    A man’s worst nightmare, I may say. Being surrounded by people with this thinking sucks as you will have difficulty advancing yourself because at the bottom are people trying to pull you down so they could go up. It is a reality that sometimes destroys one’s opportunity, but I believe an individual could always win over this battle if he keeps on climbing without hurting anyone. Good always prevails in the end.

    1. Janica Khemlani

      You can succeed in life without pulling someone down. Thanks for your thoughts 🙂

  8. Dunja

    People with crab mentality are definitely some of the most annoying people. I think their worst traits are not seeing their negative traits and “if i can’t have it, neither can you” attitude. I try to stay as far from those people as i can. I can’t stand such negative vibes.

  9. Yogo Cream

    The most annoying trait for me would be, “They freak out when other people are successful.” Because they are super envious, they do horrible things to drag you down too. I think that is really unhealthy. It’s because rather than competing, they should be collaborating so everyone ends up achieving success that is hard to be attained individually. -Me-An of http://yogoandcream.com

    1. Janica Khemlani

      I just hope everyone can do this. Sometimes “dragging people down” happens to be their life goal 😀

  10. Tamshuk Saha

    Crab mentality is unfortunately a real thing in today’s society. There will always be a group of people who just cannot stand/celebrate the success of someone else

    1. Janica Khemlani

      It strikes their EGO when someone is succeeding.. very bad trait.

  11. Jessica

    Crab Mentality has been there even before the Social Media. Now, it’s more modern and worse, I guess. But most importantly, avoid these people as much as you can.

  12. Ben Rei

    Being vigilant person could be the solution on mingling with other people.

  13. Jerwel De Perio

    Sometimes, I just don’t want to mingle with people who had this kind of mentality. With that, I have to agree with all the list here, because I also use them when identifying the person’s thinking.

    1. Janica

      I agree with you! Better to stay away than get a bad day!

  14. dennis dy ko

    they are around us, most of them are our good former friends because only people close to us have the power to hurt us

    1. Janica

      I agree with you Dennis! That’s why we need to really guard our emotions.

    2. Janica Khemlani

      I agree with you Dennis. That’s why we need to be careful on who we trust

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