Colione Bed and Breakfast Review


1 week before our vacation, we find out that Colione Bed and Breakfast is one of the best places to stay.

We reserved a single room (costs Php 1,000.00/night) max. of 2 persons on a discounted price. 

Please note that breakfast is included but for 1 person only, you need to add Php 120.00/person if you have someone with you. They serve breakfast starting at 6:00 am until 11:00 am. They place is cozy, laid back and very peaceful.

There is also a free wifi at the lounge area, hot & cold water and parking space.

The location of the hotel is really good since it’s just 3 km away form the city center. Nearby destinations are: Easter Weaving, Baguio Cathedral, Lourdes Grotto, Tam-awan Village, Bencab Museum and City Proper.

For more details, check their official website here.

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