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Need help to grow your blog?

The Blog to Biz Blueprint is the complete blogging roadmap that helps you confidently create, launch, run, market and monetize your blog.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Get clarity on what to blog about that is aligned to your passion and skills
  • Learn how to write content that turn readers into customers 
  • Unlock the most effective ways to make passive income from blogging
  • Use the swipe files, cheatsheets and templates designed to make you productive and consistent

Instant access for $37.  Receive via email in 10 minutes. 

I made my first ever $97!”

I struggled to figure out how to make blogging work for 2 years! When I got this blog to biz package from Nica, I was able to understand the ins and out of blogging without overwhelm. Whenever I got questions, Nica was there to help. After 1 month of doing everything in the guide, I earned my first ever $97 with my blog! The package is worth the price, be sure to get yours!

Heather Drewitt


From Overwhelmed To Full-time Blogger

When I decided to start a blog, I was immediately overwhelmed with everything. 

Everyone else made it seem so easy, but I couldn’t figure out how to get my blog actually up and running. Choosing a niche, a name, hosting, writing posts, getting traffic…


I felt like I was doing everything wrong and I would get stuck for weeks on stupid things but have no way to fix it.

My story isn’t unique (although I doubt anyone is as bad at overthinking as I was!), this is super common in the blogging world.  


Where my story became unique, is that I pushed through the doubt, the fear, the aggravation, and I got my blog up and running and then turned it into a business that was making over $5,000 a month by the end of year one and over $10,000 a month by 14 months.

And what I learned is that I could have avoided an incredible rough start to blogging if I had someone to walk me through getting up and running the right way. 


So that’s what I created. A step by step system to help walk you through how to choose a profitable blog idea, your name, your hosting, how to write content people love to read that ranks in Google, creating graphics, setting up your email list, creating multiple sources of income and so much more.

It’s not just a comprehensive guide on how to get started, it’s a blueprint created to work for you that you don’t have to come back and redo all of this stuff in order to generate an income from your blog.  


My blog changed every aspect of my life. It helped us pay our debts, save money for our wedding, donate to causes we care most and share to others that there is a better option than a “traditional 9-5 job”.

But that’s not even a possibility, until we can get you up and running. You can do this. I can help. 

Janica Khemlani & Ben Briongos

Certified Software Engineers, Content Marketing Specialists and Pro Bloggers from BC Creatives LLC 


I remember what it felt like to want to quit before I started because I was so overwhelmed, but I also know how much EASIER this is when you actually have someone to walk you through it the right way.

Instant access for $37.  Receive via email in 10 minutes. 

What You’ll Get


The Blog Starter Kit, contains the 4-step process that will help you setup your own blog in minutes.

The Blog To Biz Blueprint, a comprehensive guide with six core strategies designed to help you:

1) Build a strong blog foundation

            2) Brand and design your blog like a pro

          3) Write irresistible content people love

        4) Double your blog traffic on autopilot

                5) Build loyal fans, readers and subscribers

                    6) Top revenue sources to build your business

The Smart Workbook, the secret to getting things done as a blogger! 

1) Writing Content – Editorial calendar, Blogpost Checklist, 130+ Headline formulas

            2) The 20+  Most Popular Pinterest Group Boards and how to join them

          3)  The 80+ Blogger Outreach to grow your influence (when no one knew you exist)

        4) The 30+ Active Facebook Groups to help you connect with like-minded people

                5) The 50+ Affiliate Programs in 7 niches to get your idea tank filled with monetization options

                    6) Stay on track with weekly and monthly printable goal planners

Instant access for $37.  Receive via email in 10 minutes. 

What they say…

“When I started my blog, I knew nothing about it and was very overwhelmed with the technical aspect. Then I found Nica, I followed her step-by-step instructions to set up my blog and soon I had it up and running. My third month blogging, I was already hitting 30k pageviews. I truly believe her methods work and to this day follow her blogging advice.”

– Veronica ​Blogger,

“I never would have considered starting a blog without Nica’s step-by-step guide. She took what can be a super overwhelming process and broke it down into its most basic, most important elements. Without Nica, I can 100% say I wouldn’t be where I am today.”

– Lea Blogger,Love & Blues

” Fantastic and very encouraging to a new blogger! I like how you have gone through everything step by step.

I like that it’s short, inexpensive, and has lots of info without getting overwhelming. It shows you what to focus on and what to not focus on.”

– Julie Blogger, Filling the Jars

30 Day Instant Money Back Guarantee

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee.

We have full faith you won’t need it, but it’s there for you if you do.

Instant access for $37.  Receive via email in 10 minutes. 

Frequently Asked Questions

I’m starting from absolute scratch. Is this for me ?

Then this is perfect for you! The ebook assumes that you’re starting from scratch. So you don’t need any prior information to get started with this. I’ve also included a free resource inside to walk you through the starter aspects of picking a name, theme and hosting for your blog.

“How much money will starting a blog cost me?” 

It varies depending on what your goals are. I included a timeline and costs of what I purchased in the workbook, but minimal is $4/month for hosting and a domain name. I wouldn’t let the costs turn you off to blogging though, it’s actually one of the cheapest hobbies I know (second only to reading exclusively using a library), and has the potential to make an impressive side income or even turn into a legitimate business.  

I already have a blog. Will I benefit from this ebook?

Do you still feel lost navigating everything? Do you feel like you still don’t have a grip on the basics of what you need to do? Or you feel like you’re lagging behind? Then this ebook is totally for you!

“Is this printed for me or do I need to print it myself?” 

You can print the materials if you want to. You can use a binder or you can get it spiral bound for about $4 at most office supply stores. 

“Do you have a money back guarantee?”

We have 100%, no questions asked, refund policy. If you don’t think it’s as awesome as everyone else does, then just let us know and we’ll give your money back. No questions asked. 

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