Top Things To Do In Baguio City: 3D 2N DIY Itinerary

Baguio City is the perfect getaway for friends and family especially if you know the best places to visit and the best restaurants to dine in plus the exact transportation so you can save a lot of time.

Top Things To Do In Baguio City: 3D 2N DIY Itinerary

I included the costs of transportation, hotel, entrance fee and food in case you want to plan your budget ahead of time.

*Costs was computed for 2 persons. 

Day 1:

Travel from Manila to Baguio City

Transportation cost: Php 450.00/person

Travel time: 11: pm – 5:00 am

Bus Company: Victory Liner, Cubao Quezon City

Touchdown Baguio at 5:00 am (Breakfast Part 1)

I immediately bought a strawberry taho which costs Php 30.00 (sooo yummy!) Since were starving already, we decided to eat breakfast at MXT Tea House (located in Victory Liner Terminal Food Court 2nd floor). The food costs Php 99.00 we both ordered long-silog. Then we immediately reserve tickets going back to Manila – and you should too! Less hassle going home.

Mines View Park (Breakfast Part 2), more info here.

Good Shepherd

There is no entrance fee. It is just 10-15 minutes’ walk from Mine’s View Park. This place is popular for their Ube and Strawberry Jams. Good thing is that you don’t only enjoy the super yummy jams you also help children go to college in your every purchase.

The Wright Park, more info here.

The Mansion

From the Wright Park, just walk going to The Mansion. We just took a picture of the place since we cannot enter because we have foods and drinks in our bags. There is no entrance fee as well.

Check-In at Colione Bed and Breakfast, more info here.

Dinner at Cafe by the Ruins

Hungry again! Time for some dinner. He read a lot of good reviews about Cafe by the Ruins so we decided to head on. It is located at 23 Chuntug Street. 

Food costs a total of Php 715.00; we ordered Boneless Bangus and Chopsuey meals. The ambiance is so romantic and cozy. No wonder why they have a lot of customers.

Walk around Burnham Park

From Cafe’ by the Ruins, just walk going to Burnham Park. You can try the “kayak” since the price is relatively cheaper (costs around Php 100.00/30 minutes) at night.  There are a lot of vendors that sells accessories, food and shirts – no need to worry if you’ll be hungry again! :p

Ukay Ukay (Night Market)

Yeheey! We’ve waited for 9:00 pm as its the time that the Night Market is ready for visit. Along Harrison Road (just walk from Burnham Park) you can buy a lot of items such as jackets, shoes, dress, shirts and bags. The price is really good – you can literally buy a lot of stuff from your Php 500.00! 

Day 2:

Breakfast at the Colione Bed and Breakfast, more info here..

Tam-Awan Village, more info here.

Bencab Museum, more info here.

Camp John Hay, more info here.

Burnham Park

Kayak time! It costs Php 150.00/ 30 minutes. It was so romantic. My first time to try it that moment was really special. We also bought souvenirs (shirts, keychains, bag, coin purse etc.) and went back to Colione to rest.

Day 3:

Attend Church

Breakfast at the Colione Hotel, more info here..

La Trinidad (Strawberry Farm), more info here.

It was one of the most amazing weekend getaway. Enjoy your travel! 🙂

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  1. Ben10

    Fare going back home is expensive than going to Baguio. Going there is only Php 440 while going back is Php 450

    1. codemadness

      Thanks Ben10 for that clarification. Will update the post.

  2. Ben10

    Traveling back to Manila with Victory Liner was not as fast as traveling to Baguio. So plan your trip going back home accordingly.

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