10 Totally Annoying Traits Of A Bad Boss

Bad Boss, someone that will give you the vibes of a kangaroo wanting to hop on to the next open job possible. As employees, we all desire to land a dream job – good salary package, nice perks, accessible work location and a cool boss. But people in the management are not made equal.

10 Totally Annoying Traits Of A Bad Boss

traits of a bad boss

1. Control Freak

A bad boss will tell you exactly everything on what you SHOULD do, will expects to do your job the way he wanted it done. They need control on everything that you do and thus, hurts your morale and self-esteem.

A good boss will trust their employees to do things their way and will provide clear instructions.

2.  Tossing the “Blame Game”

There is nothing worst than feeling blamed for something you didn’t even do. Bad boss will take credits, accomplishments and toss every failure, mistakes and misfortune to the team.

3.  Stubborn

They think they are right at everything at every situation and will never EVER take your suggestion even for the project’s sake.

4.  Does Not Do His Job

Have you ever had a boss who will arrive at the office extremely late, sit in his chair chatting to friends over social media or call his husband over the phone? And he will do the same thing over and over again everyday. Superiors should be the role model, they should give life to the company’s mission and vision.

5.  Use Fear As Motivation

Employees are human beings and not robots. Before going to work you had enough of bad day, bad vibes or maybe bad relationship then when you clock in to your office and you’ll get threatened by a bad boss? Is that even fair? Where is justice nowadays?

Bad boss will give you threats like firing you because you didn’t do something as he wanted it to be (even if that is not even realistic).

bad boss
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6. NO Direction

They want to get so many things done but doesn’t provide any guidance, plan and doesn’t know how to implement things. Will always push people to something out of nowhere. He only wants power, authority and doesn’t take any responsibility to the employee’s personal and professional growth.

7. Gives you so much work but NEVER appreciates you

You may be in the company for so long, you have been EXPECTING the next level position and you are trying hard to get it. But a bad boss will just gives you FALSE HOPE and more work. On the contrary, a good boss will always consider your efforts and will reward your accomplishments.

8.  Hates Team Building

Employees work hard every single work day and a short, fun filled, relaxing team building will take all the stress away. And a boss who thinks such activities are waste of time and money are just bad-ass and heartless.

9. Don’t Trust His People

They are always in doubt as to why do you things. If you upgrade a single thing related to your project he will ask rude questions as if you don’t know what you’re doing.

10. Promotes The Wrong People Because Of Favoritism

There will always be that someone who for no reason at all grabs your boss attention. He may not be the most qualified, most talented or most friendly but he is the RIGHT HAND of your boss which places you to the back door in every promotion even if your working your butts off every single day!

Favoritism is such a pain in the ass. It degrades your enthusiasm to work and thus, convince you that ENOUGH is really ENOUGH.


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  1. Rene Leanda

    yes, definitely the traits of a sucking boss… better firing them first before getting yourself in trouble dealing with them..

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