About the blog

Initially started as a lifestyle blog that combined the love for writing inspiration with blogging tips, BC Creatives quickly became a platform for bloggers to get actionable and practical strategies to grow a blog.

(If that’s you, be sure to stick around! I have awesome resources and tips especially for you.)

From blogging and entrepreneurship to Psychology-based life tips , BC Creatives focuses on providing women with a strong foundation, actionable and tried and tested strategies to start and grow a creative business online.

My goal is: I want to be an online cheerleader for women who want to be heard in the noisy digital world and for those who use blogging as a way to make their voice heard (because it’s our way or the highway, ain’t that right, girlboss?).

BC Creatives is the platform I use to show you the learnings, the mistakes and the questions I’m living with at the moment, in the hopes that my experience will be of service to others who are following the same path.

FULL DISCLAIMER: I do not consider myself to be as an expert on the subjects I write. I am currently experimenting the process of growing my blog and starting my own business and I simply want to take you along for the ride, share the strategies that worked for me and let you in on the tricks of the trade that I learn along the way.

While there is a clear accent on growth (whether that is growing your blog, expanding your audience or building your online business), this blog will teach you how to achieve your goals by focusing on the journey itself, not the instant results.

That is why book reviews and  educational videos by inspiring women are also frequently featured on the blog –  to provide encouragement and inspiration that you can take and use along even when the results you want doesn’t show, no matter how hard you work.

I might occasionally deviate from these topics with a few lifestyle or travel posts and features of my personal life, just to give you an insight into what goes on behind the scenes.

About Me

Hello there! My name is Nica and I’m an entrepreneur, certified Software Engineer, blogging strategist, and a happy wife to the sweetest geek on earth.

Originally from Phillippines, I frequently travel overseas for my tech job. I’m grateful to be part of a Fortune 100 ICT Company that has given me opportunities to grow as a person and to be involved in big projects that enable me to gain new friends and insights while growing my own business on the side.

As I mentioned above, I use this blog to share my blogging and entrepreneurship journey which is why I hope you bare with me as I also share some of my personal struggles, questions, and learnings.

Besides that, I love books, dogs and chocolates. And just in case you’re curious to know what I’m made of, here are some random facts about me:

  • I believe life is too short to worry about what other people think
  • I never say no to anything sweet even if I have sore throat
  • I also never know what to write in these pages which is why I feel the need to bring up my love of coffee and chocolates.
  • I am a survivor of 5 suicide attempts and 3 years of clinical depression and anxiety.
  • I am fully convinced that my social media accounts are linked to my weight (you’re welcome)
  • I own more than books than I’ll ever have time to read in my entire lifetime
  • I’m obsessed with SEO and anything Tech-related (that’s why my blog ranks #1 in Google)
  • My blog is 5 years old now and has reached more than 10 million views , not too bad!
  • My anxiety and panic attacks are so bad that only my husband can calm me down
  • I am the biggest supporter of women kicking ass online! 😉

Want to get in touch? You can find me on Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook

About pages are really weird to write. You basically have to talk yourself up and act all-knowing and important so that people know why you’re worth it. (Disclaimer: I do not know everything nor I claim to, but I really enjoy learning, testing things out and even making mistakes in the process so I can share to my readers what works and what doesn’t.)

In reality, I’m a very approachable person. Never hesitate to reach out on social media or email me in private, okay? I’d love to hear what you have to say! I promise, I don’t bite!