7 Effective Ways To Build Confidence

Truth be told, it’s easier to feel bad about ourselves than to love and accept ourselves. Especially in today’s world where beauty is often associated with the perfect body. Here are some ways that can help you boost your confidence without the added cost – yes, for real.

“If some women are confident while others are not, there must be reasons.” – Joyce Meyer

1 – Know that your are loved.

ConfidenceEveryone desires and needs love and acceptance. Although not everyone will accept  and love us, some will. I encourage you to concentrate on those who do love you and forget about those who don’t.

There are women who feel so bad about themselves that they get involved in relationships that will hurt them because they believe that is all they deserve. You need to  be around safe people, not people who continue to wound you.

We cannot love ourselves unless we realize how much God loves us,and if we don’t love ourselves, we cannot love other people. We cannot maintain  a good, healthy relationship without this foundation of love in our hearts.

When you feel you’re unlovable, it is hard to get it through your head and down to your heart that God loves you perfectly – even though you are not perfect and never will be as long as you are on earth.

 2 – Refuse to live in fear

ConfidenceFear is not from God; it is the devil’s tool to keep people from enjoying their lives and make progress. It causes people to run, retreat and shrink back, it even causes people to bury their talents due to fear of failure, judgement or criticism, drawback in misery and live in torment.

Faith, on the other hand is confidence in God and a belief that His promises are true.Faith causes a person to go forward, to try new things, and to be aggressive.I encourage you to be firm in your resolve to do whatever you need to do, even if you have to do it afraid. “Do it afraid” means to feel fear and do what you believe you should do anyway.

Don’t allow feelings of any kind to dominate you, but instead remember that feelings are fickle. They are ever-changing. The bad ones are there when you wish they weren’t, and the good ones disappear when you need them the most.

3 – Choose to be positive.

ConfidenceBeing positive or negative is a choice – it is a way of thinking, speaking and acting. Either one comes from a habit that has been form in our lives. No wonder my life was so negative. I began to understand that I was expecting nothing good – and that is exactly what I got. People don’t enjoy being around an individual who is negative so I often felt rejected – which added to my fears and lack of confidence.

What is wrong with seeing the glass half full instead of half empty? It has been that 90% of what we worry about never happens.Why do some people assume that being negative is more realistic that being positive?

Why be miserable when you can be happy?

4 – Recovers from setbacks.

ConfidenceA person is not a failure because she tried some things that did not work out. She fails only when she stops trying. Instead of allowing mistakes to stop you, let them train you.

Think of it this way, when you go out and buy a new outfit, you probably try on several things until you find what fits right, comfortable and looks good on you. Why not try the same thing with discovering your destiny? As we take the steps of faith, our destinies unfold. A confident women is not afraid to make mistakes, and is she does, she recovers and presses on. You make a decision to let go and go on. You learn from your mistakes. You gather up fragments and give them back to God.

5 – Avoid comparisons.

ConfidenceConfidence is not possible as long as we compare ourselves with other people. No matter how good we look, how talented or smart we are, or how successful we are, there will always be someone that is better and sooner or later we will run into them. Our joy should not be found in being better than others, but in being the best that we can be.

Make a decision that you will never again compare yourself with someone else. Appreciate others for what they are and enjoy the wonderful person that you are.

Celebrate your uniqueness and rejoice in the future God has planned for you.

6 – Take Action.

ConfidenceThere are two types of people in the world. The one who waits for something to happen and the one who make things happen.

When you want to do something, don’t let yourself think about all the things that could go wrong. Be positive and think about the exciting things that can happen. If God is asking you to step out into something that is uncomfortable for you, I can assure you that when you take the step of faith you will find Him walking right beside you.

7 – Don’t live in “What If or If Only” Attitude.

ConfidenceThe world is filled with people who feel empty and unfulfilled because they have spent their lives bemoaning what they did not have, instead of using what they do have. Don’t live in the tyranny of “if only”. I f only I had a better education, If only I were taller. One of the biggest mistakes we can make in our life is to stare at what we don’t have.

Don’t spend your life thinking “If only” you had something else,  then you could do something worthwhile.

“What if” is as devastating as “If only” – negatively expecting a future experience is potentially more devastating than actually experiencing the problem.

Where the mind goes, the man follows. If you pay more attention to your thoughts and choose to think on things that help you instead of hinder you it will release God’s power to help you to be the confident women God wants you to be..

Take this with you…

“Work hard for what you want because it won’t come to you without a fight. You have to be strong and courageous and know that you can do anything you put your mind to. If somebody puts you down or criticizes you, just keep on believing in yourself and turn it into something positive. ” ~ Leah LaBelle

Do you feel confident now? Do you think you are now ready to let go of the negative thoughts? Let’s do this together!

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