How To Use TailwindApp To Schedule Pins On Pinterest


TailwindApp has played a huge role in helping us grow our blog traffic, subscribers, income and followers. We’ve been using it for almost 1 year now and the results has been amazing.

If you’re struggling to keep up with Pinterest, or no clue on how to get blog traffic, this post will teach you how to be smart in scheduling your pins using Tailwind App so you can focus on your big plans for your blog!

Why Automate Scheduling on Pinterest?

Pinterest is a giant search engine like Google. It has a massive potential to grow your blog or business and if you are thinking that Pinterest is just for “fun” you are missing out big time.

Late last year, I was trying too hard to make our social media channels grow, I am spreading myself too thin and therefore lead to burn out and overwhelm.

TailwindApp automation is a life saver both in blogging and in business. It will take me only 20 minutes to schedule my 1 week of content to go out in Pinterest.

Since Pinterest rewards active members who pin great content regularly, you have a higher chance to get discovered and by then you’ll get followers, traffic, leads and even affiliate earnings.

Unlike Facebook, Twitter, and now Instagram, where posts from previous days get lost, Pinterest is a search engine. Like Google, quality pins (as indicated by # repins, likes, and clicks) rank at the top of search results regardless of when it was pinned.

10 Brilliant Features of Tailwind App

Tailwind is one of the few partners of the Pinterest Marketing Developer Partner program. The program grants partners access to Content Publishing API. This simply means that Tailwind grants access to remarkable capabilities while abiding by Pinterest’s Terms of Use. 

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Tailwind is confident to the benefits of their platform. They are giving away free trial without credit card information. You’ll get to try it for 1 month, 100 free pins to schedule and the best part? You’ll get a chance to use the features of the Plus account! I remember trying it out and even before the month ends, I bought the annual plan!

1. Bulk Scheduling

The timer saver, selling point and my favorite thing! With Tailwind App you can bulk schedule pins using the chrome extension, on Pinterest or other websites makes it super convenient and easy with a click of single button.

If you have photos that you want to be uploaded on Pinterest, guess what? You can bulk upload them too!


2. Best Time To Pin

Tailwind App optimizes your pinning schedule based on your follower’s pinning activity. This takes out the guesswork of trying to figure out when you should pin – see? that’s smart! 😉

If you want to add a timeslot, you can do that easily by clicking the dashed time slot in the scheduler.

If you want to edit a timeslot, you can by clicking the grayed or green time slot.

If you want to play a bit and create your own customized schedule, you can do that too.

best-time-to-pin-using tailwind

3. Board Insights and Profile Performance

With Tailwind App you can see how well your boards (everything: regular, secret, group boards) perform on Pinterest.

When you have the insights, you’ll know what works and what doesn’t work.

For example, if you join an active group it will help your pins get discovered and your ranking on Pinterest search will be higher.

board insights and profile performance using tailwind app

4. Board List

Time saver and one of Tailwind’s biggest advantage! If you write on different topics, you probably  joined different group boards. To help you save your sanity, create board list for similar boards.

When it’s time to schedule your pins, just click on the dropdown for your “board list” the Tailwind App will populate your pins to that board.

creating a boardlist on Tailwind App

5. Unlimited Pinning

When you sign up for the Annual Plus Plan ($9.91/month), you can schedule unlimited number of pins with Tailwind (or 400 pins/month with month-to-month subscription).

Unlike other Pinterest scheduling tools: Board Booster charges $10 for up 1,000 pins per month. ViralTag charges $24/month for unlimited pins while Buffers goes for $10 for up to 100 scheduled pins at any particular time.

That’s it! Tailwind is the best Pinterest scheduling tool! You get less cost, few restrictions and more features to fall in love with! 

6. Setting Intervals for your Pins

With Tailwind’s interval pinning, you can schedule your pin on each board in a specific time. For me personally, I try to use the “Optimized, Open time slots and Exact” on different pins with 2-4 days space between them.

I highly recommend you use this feature because you don’t want to be tagged as Spam or to be removed to group boards.



7. Spam, Missing links/description

In Pinterest land, unfortunately, there are pins that link to fraudulent websites, some even have spammy content and the way you check is to see every pin – but that is so much work!

But don’t worry – Tailwind’s got your back! Whenever you schedule your pins, it will flag the content that doesn’t have a description or link.

When you repin other people’s content and add it in your queue, Tailwind will check if the pin is linking to a suspicious website – once you see it, just delete them all!

8. Lock / Shuffle Pins

When you have a bulk of pins that just scheduled, it’s great to use the shuffle feature to arrange the pins that will go out in each board.

This is also beneficial if you notice that a similar pin is scheduled for almost all group board, to do this, just click the “Shuffle Queue” on the right pane of your Tailwind Dashboard.

Also, you can lock certain pins. This means that when you shuffle your queue, they won’t be affected and they will stick to their time slots.



9. Detailed Analytics

Apart from the board insights and performance, Tailwind also enable you to see a detailed analytics of how your Pinterest account is performing. This is so important for your pinning, content, traffic and even monetization strategy.


10. Tailwind Tribes

This is something that I just found recently and honestly haven’t tried yet, but worth checking out! Tailwind Tribes are created for collaboration and sharing of content to grow your Pinterest reach. It is free for anyone to join even the person you want to invite doesn’t have a Tailwind account.

That’s pretty much it! Let me know in the comments below what feature of Tailwind you like most. 😉



  1. The Sunday Mode

    I just bought the full Tailwind plan after doing the free trial so this was super useful, I’m trying to start learning all the features on there!

    Julia // The Sunday Mode

  2. Kim Galeta

    Great post! But how do you keep track of what you’ve pinned of your own content and to where?

  3. Gem

    Wow! I didn’t know about the shuffle queue or the board lists… I immediately made a couple lists! That’s going to save me some of the tedious work. Thank you! I like tailwind, but their interface seems so cluttered to me, that it gets overwhelming sometimes. For example, that “shuffle queue” button has always been there and I never noticed it.

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