Pinterest to Profits Course Review

Are you looking for ways to increase your blog traffic using Pinterest? Click through to know what strategies I used to rapidly increase our pageviews last JuneAre you still in the fence about taking Pinterest to Profits course?

Are you in doubt if Pinterest can really help you drive traffic to your blog?

I gotta be honest, at first I wasn’t totally convinced about it until such time that our blog traffic from search engines started to slow down – I knew I need to try another strategy.

I’ve been seeing a lot of bloggers, especially the most successful ones talking about Pinterest so I did my best to get as much information as I can and whoa! there are so much information that I couldn’t get them all in my brain!

How To Increase Your Blog Traffic Using Pinterest

I search around for a course that will help me get the right information that I need and that will help me take action immediately.

After 3 weeks of consistent action, we generated almost 69,807 pageviews to our blog solely from Pinterest!

Taken from our Google Analytics Dashboard.

I highly recommend you invest in a course that is reasonably priced, recommended by others who got results and taught by a Pinterest PRO.

Blogging is not easy and you have a choice to make it more difficult for yourself OR invest in some money that will help you grow your blog traffic, subscribers and income.

Also, it is important that you take consistent action and provide high quality content to your readers – without it, any strategy or effort you put in will not work!

Apart from increasing our blog traffic, we also increased the number of our Pinterest followers.


Not only that, we learned how to create viral pins that help us get more subscribers and income!

I know what you’re thinking…

Pinterest to Profits Course Review


Here is a sneak peek of what how much value you’ll get when you enroll in this course. There are 8 modules that will guide you step by step – you can access them anytime you want so you can learn and implement as you go!


Pinterest to profits bonus

This by far is the best investment that I purchased for my blog. Whenever I get confused on what action to take, I always have some sort of a reference!

What really got me into this course is the set of crazy bonuses that McKinzie put together. I knew, from the effort she put in this course that it is valuable and useful resource.

Since taking the course, I am in serious blogging mode excited to try different strategies that I learned from Pinterest to Profits!


As I always say, you will get results once you put in the work! What we did is right after every course, we implement what we’ve learned and check if it was successful or if we need to do some necessary adjustments.

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Are you ready to see rapid blog growth?

Blogging is never easy. That’s why I highly recommend this Pinterest Course to you so you can finally get your blog noticed, boost your traffic, subscribers and increase your income!


  1. Yulia Dianova

    This is VERy helpful. Even though I have a business Pinterest account I feel like I ve never used it to its full potential. I will be using this tips. This is my NY resolution!

  2. Annaleid

    Thanks for sharing this! I’m going to look into a pinterest course after reading this post!
    Xoxo Annaleid

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