Best Drugstore Sunscreen For Your Skin

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Sunscreen is the most important product that you should have in your arsenal. Some people don’t want to invest in these products simply because they are expensive and some left a sticky feeling.

Good news! There are certain products that are not sticky and provides a good value for your money! Here’s what you need to know about sunscreen in general plus my favorite products.

What is SPF?

Stands for Sun Protection Factor.It tells how effective a sunscreen can protect you from UV (Ultraviolet Rays) of the sun. There are ratings used in order to determine how long can you stay outside without getting burned Studies show that it takes you 15 minutes to burn without sunscreen.

If for example you use a product with SPF 10 – it will take you 10 times longer to burn (making it 2.5 hours).

A sunscreen with an SPF of x allows you to stay out in the sun x times longer without burning.

How To Determine SPF?


The SPF number is determined experimentally indoors by exposing human subjects to a light spectrum meant to mimic noontime sun when the sun’s rays are at their most intense. Some subjects wear sunscreen and others do not.

The amount of light that induces redness in sunscreen-protected skin, divided by the amount of light that induces redness in unprotected skin is the SPF. It is a measure of UVB protection that ranges from 1 to 45 and above.

A higher SPF doesn’t indicate superior sun protection. An SPF 2 protects your skin just as effectively as an SPF 30. However, an SPF 2 will need to be applied more frequently because it’s only doubling the amount of time you can stay in the sun before burning.

However, both SPF 2 and SPF 30 need to be thoroughly applied and reapplied when the protection time frame runs out and after swimming or sweating.


Exposure to ultraviolet light, UVA or UVB, from sunlight accounts for 90% of the symptoms of premature skin aging including wrinkles. The most important skin-care product available to prevent wrinkles is sunscreen, but most people do not use sunscreen correctly.

Important factors to consider with sunscreen use are the spectrum of UV radiation absorbed, the amount of sunscreen applied, and the frequency of application.

How To Choose The Right Sunscreen?

A good broad-spectrum sunscreen should have an SPF of at least 15 and contain avobenzone, titanium dioxide, or zinc oxide.

How To Apply Sunscreen Properly

Most people use sunscreen improperly by not applying enough. They apply only 25% to 50% of the recommended amount. Sunscreen should be applied liberally enough to all sun-exposed areas that it forms a film when initially applied.

It takes 20-30 minutes for sunscreen to be absorbed by the skin, so it should be applied at least a half an hour before going out in the sun. Sunscreen should also be the last product applied especially on the face since some sunscreens can break down in the presence of water contained in water-based foundations and moisturizers.

Banana Boat Ultra Protect Sunscreen Lotion (SPF 50 PA+++)

Banana Boat Ultra Protect Sunscreen Lotion (SPF 50 PA+++)
  • Cost Php 179  for 90ml. I got it from Watsons.
  • Enriched with Vitamin C & E
  • Sheer and Lightweight
  • Very water resistant
  • Apply 20 minutes before sun exposure. Re-apply as desired.

Nivea Intensive Moisture Serum (SPF 25 PA++)

Nivea Intensive Moisture Serum (SPF 25 PA++)
  • Cost Php 239 for 200ml. I got it from Watsons.
  • Provides 100x concentrated Vitamin E and Grape Seed Extract to repair your dry skin the most efficient and natural way
  • Extra light and non-sticky serum formula absorbs fast into your skin.
  • Provides sun protection for: flaky, itchy, uneven, scratched, rough, cracked, stressed, dull, peeling and tight.

If you’re looking for a good product to start with, I find that both of these products are amazing – quality and price specific.

Both have a light watery consistency making it easily to be absorbed by the skin and of course – that are not sticky!

That’s all for this post. Hope you find it useful.

What sunscreen do you use? 

  • Ann

    I really do believe on this one, I’m actually using Sunblock after all my skincare products. Thanks for sharing the Nivea sunblock. ^^ I’m actually looking for a new sunblock but i having a hard time to try new one. ^^

    • No worries Ann! That nivea product is good infairness hehe!