25 Life Lessons Learned The Hard Way

As we get older, there would be some life lessons that we will surely learn through out the way and some people may take it seriously and change their life for the better, some may just don’t care.

As for me, being independent for many years now taught me a lot of things the hard way. Yes – lessons will keep repeating themselves, until learned.

Here are some of my life lessons learned which I hope resonates with you.

life lessons learned while living alone

1. Expectations leads to disappointments.

2. If you love someone whether it’s your partner, family members or friends – tell them, make them feel special or else, one day you will regret it. 

3. Spend quality time with your parents. Call them often. When you’re busy growing up – they are getting old.

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4. Don’t believe in “perfection” it doesn’t exists. Strive for excellence instead.

5. Don’t stress yourself from the things that you cannot control. Just do your best and let God do the rest. That’s what faith is all about.

6. If you constantly compare your life with others, you will never be happy.

7. Invest in memories – travel as much as you can. Experience different cultures and taste different cuisines.

8. Taking risks are difficult. But getting stuck is scary.

9. Learn to make your own decisions and stick to them – no matter what.

10. Learn to love what you do for a living. If you hate your job, don’t settle there and complain about it. Do something.

11. When you fail, it doesn’t mean you’re a loser. Failures makes you stronger, tougher and braver.

12. Choose your friends wisely – a person who talks to you nicely when you’re around and stabs you at your back is not a friend.

13. Be generous. You have more than enough of what you need. Reach out to the less fortunate.

14. Learn to define success in your own terms. It’s not always about money.

15. Don’t spend your whole day in social media or gadgets.

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16. Don’t live a frugal life just to save money. It is good to save for retirement, but it is equally important to reward your self – discipline is really the key.

17. Use credit cards wisely. Or else, you will live your life paying all your debts.

18. Don’t judge people just because they didn’t qualify to your standards of living or beauty. Be compassionate, you don’t know their story.

19. There is no reason to rush for marriage. When the time is right, everything will fall into place.

20. Take good care of your body, sign up for a gym or marathon you can even exercise at home. Stop being lazy.

21. Make conscious effort to cook your own meals and choose a healthier lifestyle.

23. Focus on the things that makes you happy.

24. Don’t try to figure out everything. Life is a journey. Enjoy it.

25. When the going gets tough – kneel down and pray. It makes all the difference.

What life lesson resonates with you from this post?

Would there be anything that you want to share?

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