How To Find The Right Foundation?

Hey beautiful! We’re now on PART TWO Of Makeup Basics for Beginners and in this post we’ll talk about foundations – different types, determine what will work best to your skin tone and what are the things you need to watch out for.

Before you shop any one of these you have to know your skin undertone to save you stress, money and time. If you buy something you that will not complement your skintone -that is really frustrating. To prevent that from happening, here’s some general information and tricks that you need to know. Enjoy! 🙂

What is foundation?

Foundation is a staple of any full makeup application. It serves as the canvas for the rest of your makeup; it improves the appearance of your skin tone, covers minor imperfections, and can even offer sun protection. There are a lot of benefits, but it is quite tricky to find the best foundation that matches your skin color.

What are the types of foundation?

Types of Foundation

1. Oil-Free, Matte-Finish Liquid Foundations

  • should have a smooth finish with no shine or dewy appearance
  • matte finish should last for at least a few hours
  • provide sheer to medium coverage
  • Easy to apply and blend with a sponge or brush
  • Works great with pressed powder, powder blush, and bronzers

But you need to watch out for:

  • your skin can look or feel dry (you can use a primer to resolve this)
  • can exaggerate wrinkles (use a moisturizer before applying the foundations
  • if you want to use cream blush or bronzer, it may be difficult to blend

2. Long-Wearing, Matte-Finish Liquid Foundations

Php 895.oo | Available in Watsons, Mercury Drug and leading department stores.
  • has thin texture and matte finish (safe for breakout-prone skin)
  •  perfect for those who live in humid climates
  • use with sheer matte powder blushes and bronzers

But you need to watch out for:

  • blend quickly because it sets fast
  • apply a serum or moisturizer because it magnifies dryness
  • difficult to remove (make sure you use a makeup remover)

3. Moisturizing Liquid Foundations

Maybelline Dream Satin, P700+ | Available in Watsons and leading department stores
  • provides light to medium coverage (your skin will show through)
  • easy to blend (even with your fingers)
  • adds healthy glow to the skin because of its sheer and soft finish

But you need to watch out for:

  • not the best pick for those who have combination skin (it will make you a lot more oily)
  • check the ingredients especially if you have a blemish-prone skin (it may contribute to clogged your pores)

4. Pressed Powder Foundations

Maybelline Mineral Powder Foundation
  • perfect option for normal to slightly oily or slightly dry skin, this type of foundation is a fast, easy way to get a smooth finish
  • some has slight shine, which can add a soft glow
  • portable and extremely easy to apply
  • light and makes skin look even but not heavy
  • great with a powder blush or bronzer

But you need to watch out for:

  • exaggerates flaky skin
  • can feel uncomfortable
  • color change occurs when pigments in the foundation mix with the excess oil and oxidize.
  • skin can look thick and overdone (if you want more coverage)

5. Cream-to-Powder Compact Foundations

  • has a semi-matte or powdery finish
  • blends quickly and easily
  • saves time because you don’t need to set with powder
  • range of coverage : sheer to full
  • portable (so retouching is easy)
  • works well with powder brush or bronzer

But you need to watch out for:

  • can blend too thick
  • not a good option for oily skin exaggerates shine and the powder finish isn’t strong enough
  • not good for dry skin because the finish exaggerates dry areas

6. Stick Foundations

  • Silky, smooth texture
  • Lightweight, soft matte finish
  • Portable

But you need to watch out for:

  •  have a thick, waxy texture that looks heavy and can lead to clogged pores
  • blending can be tricky
  •  it can crease into lines around the eye.
  • not a good option for  blemish-prone skin

7. Sheer Foundations and Tinted Moisturizers

  •  sheer you don’t have to find an exact match for your skin because they blend on almost invisibly.
  • great for  pale or sallow skin
  • usually combines soft color, hydration, and sun protection in one product
  • great with cream or cream-to-powder blush or bronzer.
  • set with a dusting of loose or pressed powder

But you need to watch out for:

  • not a good option for blemish prone skin (putting you at risk for further breakouts)
  • stay away with powder blush or bronzer

8. Mineral Foundation

  • provides medium to nearly full coverage without looking too powdery
  • usually comes with sunscreen
  • works great with powder blush or bronzers

But you need to watch out for:

  •  can be too drying
  • color can oxidize, pool in large pores, and change color or look streaky over oily areas
  • messiest type of foundation (really hard if you travel)
  • not compatible with cream blush or bronze


How to Shop for Foundation?

I always feel overwhelmed by the numbers of beauty counters in department stores. I always find it difficult to shop (sometimes I even google before I buy!) To save you from experiencing this kind of scenario, I found some cool tricks that you can try:

  • look for foundations that offer a range of neutral shades (fair, light, light to medium). “neutral” means it shouldn’t have obvious overtones of pink, peach, orange, rose, ash (grayish), or copper.
  • look for foundations with built-in sun protection (SPF 15 or greater is good), also look if the sunscreen actives are titanium dioxide and/or zinc oxide.
  • choose a pressed powder that also contains sunscreen
  • ask if there is  return policy on cosmetics (some do!)
  • ask the saleslady for a tester (if it’s not displayed) and what shade is right for you incase you’re still not sure.

I hope this helps you find the right foundation for you! I own two foundation (Maybelline dream satin and Maybelline mineral liquid foundation – which both is in Bicol so I didn’t get a picture of them.)

What’s your favorite foundation? Let me know in the comments below 🙂

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