Girls, Why Do You Wear Makeup?


Why do you wear makeup? Why do you collect them? Why do you buy them even if they cost SO MUCH MONEY? You know what.. I totally understand. We have our own unique story why and how we get started to this beautiful adventure of wearing makeup. Here’s my story.

When I was a kid I saw my mom putting on red lipstick every time she will go out the house. When I asked her about it, she will just smile at me and will say … “I want to put color on my face and look good.” That time I don’t even understand why she said that, I mean she is beautiful just the way she is.

Then comes Elementary Graduation, my mom told me we need to visit the nearest salon to get my face and hair done. “What? Why? “I asked strongly. See I was very hesitant. But since I don’t have a choice – I still went to the salon. After a few minutes, I looked myself in the mirror and didn’t felt any better. Oh well.

I looked like a clown!!! My lips gone bigger, it was so red and my lashes are so thick then my cheeks so pink and everything else is just not right! As you might be thinking… Yes, I was not happy the whole Graduation Day. This exact scenario happened again in my High School years, the only difference is that it happened 3x – Junior and Senior Prom Nights and Graduation Day.

Whoosh! Those experiences didn’t make me even appreciate the power of makeup. And I honestly thought it was just a waste of money and I totally didn’t get it why so many girls (even in a very young age) puts on makeup.

Fast forward, time for OJT (On the Job Training) something that you need to complete in order to graduate in college (same thing as thesis). But this time, I had to travel away from home. I finally got a position and on my first day of work my mom sent me an SMS saying that I need to get the red floral purse out of my bag 30 minutes before I came to the office door. Sure no big deal right?

Little did I know that it was a makeup kit! Ha-Ha. I am not even kidding it blows my mind. I have no idea or whatsoever of how these things work.

A girl came in to the restroom and she might have noticed that I am so confused, frustrated and even hesitant to use the makeup products. She politely asked me. “Hi, can I help?” I looked at her very closely and she is so pretty and yes she is wearing makeup. “I don’t know how to use these things.” I replied to her. “I got you.” she insisted.

Looking back now, when some people asks me about why I wear makeup I tell them that:

  • It gives me confidence.

When I look presentable and see myself in the mirror, I actually feel good about it.


  • It enhances my features.

Being half Indian, my eyebrows are thick, lashes are quite long and nose is in good shape (Thank you Papa for the blood! LOL!) so whenever I add something in my eyes like eyeliners, eye shadow and mascara somehow my eyes pop and they looked alive!

wear makeup

  • It covers up.

The only downside of having an Indian blood (especially in my case) is that I tend to have eye bag circles. If I didn’t get a good night’s sleep then next day it will show. So having a good concealer really does a world of a difference.

Then when I started working after graduation, that time my skin got so sensitive and acne started to show like never before – stress, lifestyle changes and other factors made it worse. So while I am doing changes to heal it/prevent it, I also need to use concealer or foundation to at least swipe off the redness (I bet you don’t want your boss to stare at your zits!)

wear makeup

  • It helps to make skin glow and look healthy.

There came the help and wonders of a blush. I personally love peaches and pink they tend to be perfect for my skin tone and it’s just so pretty. I look like a normal living person. I usually got compliments – so that’s another bonus right there. Who doesn’t want compliments anyway?

  • Lip color = your mood of the day.

    wear makeup

I realized that when I am not really feeling good about myself, I tend to use red lippies. When I feel good and confident, I tend to use pinks. And finally, when I am with my friend we “all” decided to get vampires a.k.a. plums and dark lippies.

Overall, I am happy that I got to learn how to use makeup. I have a lot of things to learn and I want to experiment like contouring, highlight, baking etc. and I am excited for it.

Contrary to what other people say, I don’t put makeup to please a man! I hope you too. Life is too short. Let’s make ourselves happy and proud.

So, why do you wear makeup?

  • I started wearing it to look more awake after 6 AM wake up calls for work a few years ago. And now I’m obsessed. I love that 15 min in the morning when I put on my make up. Complete moment of me time.

    • Hi indiequeen84, That is true! Makeup shoudn’t take so much time in busy mornings. I am obsessed too! 😂😂😂

  • Nice post!!! I love reading your post, it also reminds me of my childhood days. I never really tried wearing make-up because it totally irritates me. But as I grow up being a teenager, I learned how to put lippies and eyebrow liner on my face. Because it gives me a lot of confidence and I gain a lot of compliments and respect from people, which is not a biggie for me because that’s not the reason why I wear make-up but it’s because how I highlight my natural beauty in my own way!

    • True! I agree with you ashlee!! We ladies wear make up because we want to feel good and look good for ourselves. When we get compliments that is just a bonus ☺️

  • Lol! We have this in common😀 it just felt like I was reading my diary…lol
    I love this piece 😍

    • Hahaha! I can truly understand why 😁😁😁. Thanks for reading, happy you liked it!

  • love reading this post. we are just girls and we just want to make us more and more beautiful in this short life 😀

  • Great post! I wear red lipsticks when I’m happy and dark shades when I’m sad. Doing makeup is like a meditation to me!

    • Thank you so much Luisa! I agree with you. Doing makeup can actually improves our mood and essentially making ourselves happy! 🙂