I Am A Breadwinner. I Have No Life.

If you’re a breadwinner, this article is hand crafted just for you. Sometimes, it’s not your choice to stand up to provide for the needs of others – the situation calls you to do it. Here are some scenario that may resonate with you.

Struggles of a Breadwinner

Are you a breadwinner? What are your struggles? Can you speak up?

City worker

Working in a city is not easy. Some people cannot even survive the stress and decided to go back to their province. It’s ironic how some people who never experienced working in a city will tell you… “Oh you work in Metro? Wow! Bigtime!” Huh? What?!

Tight Budget

Wherever you go, you need money. Feeling thirsty? You need to buy a drink – and yes, get the cheapest bottled water possible. Oh my you’re hungry? Fast food stores is your best friend – you love combo meals, for less than 100 bucks you can at least, be satisfied. Oops! Snack time? Well, nothing left on my purse. Sigh.

Why Me?

Not just once, but twice a month – you have a significant amount to give to your loved ones. Whatever the reason is and even how much you care about them, sometimes it’s just doesn’t feel right.

There were times you feel they remember you only on 15th or 30th even that’s not even your birthday. Or when they need some money yet you cannot give, because you have to support yourself as well – they will make you feel guilty and such, you feel obliged to send out the very last surviving money in your savings account.

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Survive or Thrive?

If you are a bread winner for few years now, how did you survive? How did you make it this far? If you have a very good support system (family or friends) living life in this way is not that difficult. Maybe someone help you out when paying bills or groceries etc. If you don’t take ALL of the responsibility to provide, you’re not the sole breadwinner. For some of us who solely provide (bills, education, food, allowances, medication and etc.) it is HARD to get going.

Every single breadwinner will tell you it’s difficult to save for your own in the midst of this kind of responsibility. The key here is to discipline yourself and be aware of your situation. The worst thing that can happen to you is “grow old with no or little money for yourself!”

It’s time to realize that…

Whoever you support, be honest with them about your situation. You are not a money making machine and you know how hard it is to earn money so you need to tell those people that it is hard!

Sometimes, people we support don’t have any idea what we’re going through unless you tell them. And if they don’t care,  stop feeding them! These people don’t care about you, they care about what you can do for them!!!

If you will help people, be sure you are helping because you care and have extra for yourself. Not because you want something in return. This is not an investment thing – that’s why it’s called GIVING. If you feel that you are not appreciated, respected tell them – in a polite manner (as much as possible).

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  1. Andra Maria Gill

    Great article! My husband and I both contribute equally at the moment but my business is growing so we will see how things change over the new year or so. I think don’t think I would ever want 100% of the pressure on me though!


  2. Julie @ Millennial Boss

    Being the breadwinner is extremely stressful. Luckily I’ve always had others contributing some money and not solely dependent on me but I can relate.

    1. Janica Khemlani

      That is good news Julie! It’s not everyday that you will get some people to help you out (esp. with regards to money!) Love your thoughts, thanks for sharing it to us <3

  3. Jerwel De Perio

    Sometimes, life gets better with a sound judgement on our part. For me, I am also a breadwinner and most of my friends are too. But we can always have life for ourselves. Despite the taxes cut from our minimum wages, we still make time a life for ourselves. Good luck with life and be sure to carry it out with more happiness and contentment.

    1. Janica

      Most appreciated! Thanks dear

    2. Janica Khemlani

      I cannot believe I miss responding to your comment Jerwel! A BIG SORRY! Thank you for your words – I TRULY appreciate that! <3

  4. Iya

    May God always supply you with the strength and motivation to work for the people you love and yourself! I can relate because I am a breadwinner myself and though it is tiring and sometimes disheartening, I pause to remember how blessed I am that I have been given an opportunity to help and inspire. No hardwork and goodness will go unnoticed by the Lord. Mwah!

    1. Janica

      Ohh… thank you so much Iya 🙂 God Bless you!

  5. Ben Rei Briongos (Ben)

    Being a breadwinner is not a bad thing. it means that you have pure heart to help others especially your love one without thinking of return. But being a human we always looking for being appreciated on what we did. On my own experience, they only ask for my help financially for my brother’s education and for additional capital for the business they are thinking that make them stable and independent.

    1. Janica

      Thank you Ben for sharing your story. I agree with you..appreciation is what every breadwinner wants despite of all the giving.

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