Biore Cleansing Oil Review

biore cleansing oil

Hi there, beauties! It’s bedtime weather today and I wanna share with you my thoughts about these fairly popular Biore cleansing oilย whichย I recently discovered in Watson’s.

After I bought my Maybelline waterproof mascara (the great last variant) last October I was in a hunt of a make up remover – because I don’t want to sleep with mascara on! It happened to me before and I promised to myself it won’t happen ever again.

So whenever I need to use a mascara I always use the Watson’s make up remover wet wipes – this thing doesn’t work wonders. I kept tugging and pulling my skin yet I can still see the mascara :'( So I made up my mind and decided to hunt the “best yet affordable” make up remover.

I went to Watson’s and ask the saleslady, she then recommended some make up remover wipes but I told her that I am not into getting “wipes”. Another saleslady ask me if I wanted to try a cleansing gel make up remover, but its too pricey, I said “No. Thanks”.

Finally, I saw a cute lavender pump container, honestly? at first sight I thought it’s a hand soap ๐Ÿ˜€ And I look closer and YES! This is it!

biore cleansing oil
Biore’ Cleansing Oil
biore cleansing oil
Biore’ Cleansing Oil Ingredients,Usage and General details


  • Php 299.00 150ml


Product is available in all leading drugstores and department stores.


  • It does what it says (it really removes my waterproof mascara)
  • Since it’s oil based, you can expect that it will leave your skin soft & moisturized after rinse
  • A little goes a long way, I use 2 pumps of this for my eyes, just massage gently then rinse off with water
  • It doesn’t leave any residue
  • The cover to the pump is a plus


REVIEWER: beauty&

REVIEW DATE: December 2015

biore cleansing oil

Bare hand before applying Biore’

biore cleansing oil

I put some waterproof mascara for testing

I put some Biore' cleansing oil and gently massaging it
I put some Biore’ cleansing oil and gently massaging it
After 2 minutes of massaging the cleansing oil (I didn't rinse of with water yet)
After 2 minutes of massaging the cleansing oil (I didn’t rinse of with water yet)

From the image clips above you can see that it really works! So happy to finally found a good product. Worth every cent! ๐Ÿ˜€

Have you tried it? Share your thoughts. ๐Ÿ™‚