Running a blog is never easy. It takes a lot of hard work and motivation. I am often asked to come up with a list of blogging resources that I trust and use to run this blog and finally, here it is!

Best Blogging Resources

From tips to books, I’m gonna share with you the tools that I have proven effective as far as my blogging journey is concerned. I will update this page once I discover something new or better service. Prior to launching this blog, I did my research about tools that are great for blogging. I tried them out and some worked and some didn’t. So here are the tools that I can recommend you give a try.

Web Hosting & Domain Name

HostGator is my hosting and domain provider for 7 years now. Even before starting this blog, I’ve used them for freelance projects, consulting services and they are the best in the market. Get 20% Discount here.

E-mail Marketing

ConvertKit – I was using Mailchimp for over 7 months and nothing ever happened aside from seeing myself procrastinate and confused on how to figure out or at least get patience to use the platform. Free 30 Day Trial here.

Design Resources

Monstera – this theme is perfect for business/ creative blog setup. I recently purchased this one.

Oleander – this theme is perfect for lifestyle blog set up, I am currently using this one.

Fonts –  I am unapologetic font hoarder!

Design Kits – I bought several social packs and mock up toolkit  for clients.

Social Media Tools

Tailwind  – is what I use on a daily basis as my Pinterest scheduler. I’ve used other scheduling tool but this gives me the results in less time. It helped me get 100k+ pageviews monthly. Free 30 Day Trial here.


Payoneer – When we make a sale from our partners, I use this service to withdraw money from our local bank. This is so helpful since I live outside United States. Free $25 When You Sign Up here.

Photography Tools

Sony Alpha Mirror less Camera – when I need to attend an event for business or work-related . I always carry this with me. It’s affordable and not bulky compared to DSLR.

Business Books

17 Essential Business Books For Aspiring Entrepreneurs

37 Best Books Every Women Should Read

Office Supplies

Macbook Pro

Lenovo Laptop

Logitech Mouse

LuxLady Mouse Pad

DaySpring Planner

Sticky Notes for Brainstorming

Portable Laptop Stand

Laptop Bed Table

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Get to know our MUST HAVE blogging and business resources. These are the exact tools we tried and tested for over a year and now, you can use it for your own blog!

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40+ Resources I Cannot Blog Without!