40+ Resources I Can't Blog Without

Blogging Resources I Can’t Blog Without

Running a blog is never easy. It takes a lot of work and motivation. I am often asked to come up with a list of blogging resources that I trust and used to run this blog and finally, here it is. The reason why it came up so late is that I want to try things first before actually “recommending it to people”.

Blogging Resources I Can’t Blog Without

From tips to books, I’m gonna share with you the tools that I have proven effective as far as my blogging journey is concerned. I will update this page once I discover something new or better service.

Blogging Tips

I wrote these posts as per reader’s requests. If you are thinking of starting your own blog and you are confused on what to do or where to start – this list of articles will walk you through.

Prior to launching this blog, I did my research about tools that are great for blogging. I tried them out and some worked and some didn’t. So here are the tools that I can recommend you give a try.

Web Hosting & Domain Name

  • HostGator is my hosting and domain provider. I’ve worked on freelance projects before and this is what I usually recommend. The quality of the customer service is hands down – the best. And for me, this is important because when you have problems with your site you have someone to look for it especially if you’re not a technical person.

For the record, since I started this blog I didn’t encounter any serious issue when it comes to hosting and besides, I’ve tried their hosting services with my other clients, some of them actually prefer the 1 month = 1 cent before they bought a plan. That is a good start actually.

E-mail Marketing

  • ConvertKit– I was using Mailchimp for over 7 months and nothing ever happened aside from seeing myself procrastinate and confused on how to figure out or at least get patience to use the platform. I found a free 30 day trial of ConvertKit and I’m enjoying it so far!

Theme/Brand Design Tools

  • Oleander is the WordPress theme that I am using. I just love the clean design and chic design. Though I am in a process of creating my own theme so once its ready I’m gonna switch.
  • Fonts– I love beautiful fonts! And I am obsessed with them – seriously I have a TON of them.

Photography tools

  • Photos – I don’t have time to take my own photos, so whenever I can buy some and re-use them as much as I can. I also use free photos.
  • Sony Alpha Mirror less Camera – when I need to attend an event for business or work-related  I always carry this with me. It’s affordable and not bulky compared to DSLR
  • Instax Mini – sometimes I bought stuff out of “cover and color” instead of its usual purpose. BUT this one is actually worth the hype – at least I realized that it’s not just pretty it’s also really good for flat lays.
  • ReflectorsBen (my co-author) suggested this to me and I couldn’t be more thankful. I didn’t know much about photography stuff but luckily he taught me LOL.
  • Lighting – Just like the reflector, my co-author suggested this and it is doing great for me.
  • Canva – If you are looking for a photo editing software that is free, easy to use and have a bazillion options you have to try this one. It’s been a life saver for me. I know how to use Photoshop & Illustrator but I’m all about saving time so this one is my go-to. You can also buy premium designs for only $1.

Office Supplies/Equipment

Social Media Tools

  • Tailwind  – is what I use on a daily basis as my Pinterest scheduler. I’ve used other scheduling tool but this gives me the results in less time. I can schedule post for a week or even a month and it only takes me 20 minutes or less. Sign up for a free trial now.
  • Hootsuite (free version) – I use this tool to schedule my posts on Twitter and Facebook on a weekly basis. The dashboard is simple and easy to follow so doesn’t matter if you’re techie or not.


  • Tell Your Time – one of my favorites when it comes to time management and you can never go wrong with the price!
  • #GIRLBOSS – a must read for women entrepreneurs. Sophia Amoruso shares her journey in building a fashion empire from an eBay store. Superb book – love it!
  • You Are A BadAss – the book title is as interesting as the writer. And the book is AMAZING. I feel so empowered after I read this book (and I can’t help to re-read this every time I feel down)
  • How Every Woman Can Earn More & Make a Difference – this book was written by a veteran blogger Crystal Paine to which she gives practical advice for ways to save money and generate more income and you don’t need to become a mom to appreciate this book. I am not even married but I love this!
  • The Bootstrap VA – if you are searching for the best book that explains how to be a Virtual Assistant this is what you need. I bought this as a gift for a friend and she’s now working from home as a successful VA.
  • Get Things Done – is the book that I am currently reading and target to complete soon (so I can buy another one) and if you’re someone struggling to beat procrastination. David Allen shares how you can be ultra productive without being stressed – I am implementing what he wrote in the book and I think it’s really effective!
  • Stop Saying You’re Fine– hands down THE BEST BOOK that  taught me how to slap my face back and forth. I was deeply convinced on how Mel Robbins wrote this book. This will teach you how to be brutally honest with you’re self to get what you want.


  • Payoneer – When we make a sale from our partners, I use this service to withdraw money from our local bank. This is so helpful since I live outside United States and the service is just wonderful. I am so glad they exist! Sign up and get $25 free!

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40+ Resources I Cannot Blog Without!