The Guide To Unleash Your Inner Genius

Better Days

Discover  the secrets to Conquering Pain, Eliminating Insecurity, Beating Procrastination, Healing Toxic Relationships, Taming Life’s Complications, and Building Consistent Growth into Your Life and Career .

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I have been doing things to please others almost all my life but after reading this I have slowly learnt to love myself for who I am.I don’t need other people’s approval regarding the choices am making and now I feel relieved. Thank you so much!


Rukiah Namuli

I love everything that you shared! I have been feeling stuck and awful for a year now because of negative things piling up: break up, getting laid off, my mom getting sick. I felt like my life isn’t worth living anymore. This gave me hope and boost that I need!


Charmaine Almasen

This helped me so much! This is probably one of the top things I need to work on in my life! I re-read this whenever I have a tough moment and read it every morning to get my day going! Thank you so much!


Justynne Wheeler 

The whole thing hit me so hardMy life’s purpose is not getting accomplished, it is to be free. My mom loves what u wrote, she likes encouraging people too to do the right thing, but she loves it when people listen.

Rosemarie Ceyaram

Nica, thank you for your support I really appreciate it. Please continue with your mission and motivating people around the world. Thanks a million! You are a blessing to me.

Christofina Shoolongo

Thank you so much Nica! This really helped me. COMMITMENT was the most helpful to me.  Thanks so much you are helping me a lot.

Ashley DeBruin

Wow, This was great! “Get out of that Trap” is my favorite!  My family and myself here in our house are way too dependent on each other for our issues.  I am organising a family meeting tonight to offer up a change in the way we work out our issues.

I also created a “Bright side list” for the stressors in my life absolutely delicious!  I had let this strength go for the past three or four years.  I was famous for looking on the bright side – it is so much more fun!


Jane Zatkowsky

This book has helped me through difficult moments of my life when I need real and unbiased advices. Moreover, I am convinced that whatever problem comes my way, I can seek comfort in the chapters as if they are my best friends. I salute Janica for a job well done and I look forward to her future books.


Josha Querobin



  • Chapter 1: Understanding Yourself
  • Chapter 2: You And The World Outside
  • Chapter 3:  Productive Routines & Habits
  • Check CircleChapter 4: How To Make Better Choices
  • Check CircleChapter 5: Understanding Your Feelings
  • Check CircleChapter 6:  Things You Can and Can’t Control
  • Check CircleChapter 7: Unleash Your Inner Genius

Instant Access for just $19.  Receive via email within 10 minutes

Meet the Author

I’m Nica, a wife, entreprenuer, blogger and Software Engineer.

The Better Days Premium is a collection of everything that I’ve learned about Human Psychology when I was battling against clinical depression, coping with my anxiety attacks and dealing with everyday stress of life.

You will be able to relate to every chapter, I made sure that is it practical so you can easily understand and apply it to your own life. I’m so excited for you to unleash your inner genius!

Instant Access for just $19.  

Receive via email within 10 minutes