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We hit walls. We work our butts off to get a paycheck and can get a living so life turns out FINE but not exciting. We built businesses, we trusted people, we invested time and we FAILED big time – not just once, twice but five times! Yikes!

So what’s in it for you? We want to SAVE YOU from that depression, self-doubt and insecurity that we felt that time we FAILED big time – we literally lost every single penny we saved! Ouch!

Building a business is NOT just about putting the money in the bank and getting people to partner with you – it’s ALL hard work, passion and dedication!

And as we are both working in Tech Industry for many years, we know a thing or two about end to end web development so the blogging tips you get in this blog are legit, tried and tested by us.

We don’t recommend, write or promote ANYTHING  if it didn’t pass our standards.

*** You may notice some beauty product reviews – that’s because we started as a lifestyle blog and we intentionally leave it there so you can see a glimpse of our personal life. Cha Ching!***


janica_khemlani-about-us-blog-founderNica is the Founder of this blog. She’s a lover of all things creative and life changing inspirations. She works as a Technical Lead full time while managing this blog at the same time. She’s outspoken, genuinely loving, practical in all levels that involves money and oozy organize freak.

“She’s THAT girl that will push you to do that THING that you have to do because she knows there’s so much potential in you.”


Ben is the “partner in crime”. He’s solution-oriented, very attentive to details and will never waste a second to something nonsense. He’s working as a Senior Application Developer full time while writing for this blog.

“He’s THAT guy that will help you FOCUS on what you really want.”


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